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Viennese coffeehouses – selected highlights


The highest-profile of the 30 or so locations operated by the chain (est. 1925) in Vienna. Great views from the first floor

Stephansplatz/Singerstrasse 1, 1010 Vienna, www.aida.at


Café Bellaria

Art Nouveau café, occasional live music events

Bellariastrasse 6, 1010 Vienna, www.cafebellaria.at


Café-Restaurant Bräunerhof

Thomas Bernhard’s favorite café and as stylish as ever. Large selection of newspapers, female trio on weekends and public holidays

Stallburggasse 2, 1010 Vienna, www.braeunerhof.at


Café Central

Breathing new life into old traditions. Piano music from 5pm daily

Corner of Herrengasse and Strauchgasse, 1010 Vienna, www.cafecentral.wien


Café Daniel Moser

Trendy bar on the site of Vienna’s first ever coffeehouse

Rotenturmstrasse 14, 1010 Vienna, www.danielmoser.at


Café-restaurant Diglas

Textbook example of a good, old coffeehouse

Wollzeile 10, 1010 Vienna, www.diglas.at


Café Dommayer – Kurkonditorei Oberlaa

The epitome of Hietzing elegance, delicacies from the in-house patisserie

Dommayergasse 1/Auhofstrasse 2, 1130 Vienna, www.oberlaa-wien.at


Café Eiles

One of the oldest cafés in the city, lovingly polished to a shine

Josefstädterstrasse 2, 1080 Vienna, www.cafe-eiles.at


Cafe Hawelka

Artists’ haunt, congenially shabby. Buchteln fresh from the oven!

Dorotheergasse 6, 1010 Vienna, www.hawelka.at


Café Hofburg

Large café in an imperial setting

Hofburg, Innerer Burghof, 1010 Vienna, www.cafe-hofburg.at


Café-Restaurant Hummel

Spacious meeting place, practical and original

Josefstädter Strasse 66, 1080 Vienna, www.cafehummel.at


Café Landtmann

Next door to the Burgtheater, where politicians and artists rub shoulders

Universitätsring 4, 1010 Vienna, www.landtmann.at


Café-Restaurant Museum

Traditional Viennese coffeehouse at Karlsplatz

Operngasse 7/Karlsplatz, 1010 Vienna, www.cafemuseum.at


Café Naber

The Viennese roastery’s last surviving café.

Wipplingerstrasse 25, 1010 Vienna, www.naberkaffee.com


Café Prückel

Ringstrasse coffeehouse with a 1950s interior designed by Oswald Haerdtl

Stubenring 24, 1010 Vienna, www.prueckel.at


Café-Restaurant Residenz Schönbrunn

In Schönbrunn Palace. Apple Strudel Show at the Court Bakery

Schönbrunn Palace, 1130 Vienna, www.cafe-residenz.at


Café Ritter

Classic coffeehouse on the bustling Mariahilfer Strasse

Mariahilfer Strasse 73, 1060 Vienna, www.caferitter.at


Café Sacher

Elegance par excellence opposite the State Opera house, original Sachertorte!

Philharmonikerstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna, www.sacher.com


Café Schwarzenberg

Vienna’s first Ringstrasse café

Kärntner Ring 17, 1010 Vienna, www.cafe-schwarzenberg.at


Conditorei Sluka

Large and striking offshoot of the traditional café-pastry shop

Kärntner Strasse 13-15, 1010 Vienna, www.sluka.at


Café Sperl

Popular and award-winning – coffeehouse romanticism at its finest

Gumpendorfer Strasse 11, 1060 Vienna, www.cafesperl.at


Café Tirolerhof

A city oasis and 1920s-style classic

Führichgasse 8, 1010 Vienna,


Café-Restaurant Weimar

A meeting point for audiences and artists at the Volksoper

Währinger Strasse 68, 1090 Vienna, www.cafeweimar.at



Alternative Viennese coffee scene – selected highlights

Akrap Espressobar

Small coffee bar with interesting coffee blends

Königsklostergasse 7, 1060 Vienna, www.akrapcoffee.com


Alt Wien Kaffee Rösterei

Freshly roasted pure beans of the highest quality

Schleifmühlgasse 23, 1040 Vienna, www.altwien.at


Café Balthasar

A bastion of espresso culture

Praterstrasse 38, 1020 Vienna, www balthasar.at


Caffè a Casa

In-house coffee roastery

Hoher Markt 8-9, 1010 Vienna + Servitengasse 4a, 1090 Vienna, www.caffeacasa.com



Showroom and roasting lab

Garnisongasse 18, 1090 Vienna, www.caffecouture.com



Beautiful location in the opulent Ferstel-Passage arcade

Freyung 2, Palais Ferstel Passage, 1010 Vienna, www.caffecouture.com



Show roastery in the café

Spitalgasse 17, 1090 Vienna, www.kaffeepiraten.at



The converted Piaggio mini transporters are always on the scene with coffee wherever anything is happening in Vienna




Quirky mini-café: prepared in a small coffee kitchen, this third-wave coffee is dispensed through an open window

Fleischmarkt 9 (Griechengasse passageway), 1010 Vienna, sasha.coffee/fenster-cafe



Own roasts from Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt Stand 111-114, 1040 Vienna, www.gegenbauer.at



Specialties from micro roasteries, direct trade coffee

Währingerstrasse 2-4, 1090 Vienna, www.jonasreindl.at



Tiny micro roastery with shop

Favoritenstrasse 4-6, 1040 Vienna, www.kaffeefabrik.at



Coffee shop with a cool interior, at Schottentor subway station

Schottentor-Passage 8, 1010 Vienna, www.kaffeekueche.at



Espresso and filter coffee from top European roasteries

Zollergasse 5, 1070 Vienna, www.kaffemik.at


POC – People On Caffeine

All the latest coffee trends in the wing of a church

Schlösselgasse 21, 1080 Vienna, www.facebook.com/poccafe



Café and concept store

Praterstrasse 70, 1020 Vienna, the.supersense.com


Unger und Klein im Hochhaus

Fully glazed mini espresso bar on the ground floor of Vienna’s first high rise (built 1932)

Herrengasse 6-8, 1010 Vienna, www.imhochhaus.at


Wiener Rösthaus

Roastery for luxury coffees, rarities and single origin

Tigergasse 33, 1080 Vienna, www.wienerroesthaus.att