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Guidelines for submission
to the Journal of Wine Economics


Contributors to the JWE should note that the objects of the Association are “economic research and analyses and exchanging ideas in wine economics”. The JWE welcomes any manuscript that meets these objectives. No rigid rules are applied but preference will be given to articles that are likely to be of general interest to the Journal’s international readership. Articles should be concisely written and should normally not exceed 6,000 words. Shorter papers and comments, of up to 1,000 words, will also be considered for publication.

Editorial Process:
The Editors assess the initial suitability of articles submitted. Authors of submissions considered to be suitable for the JWE will be notified and their paper sent out to one or two editorial consultants who will referee the article for the Editors. Unsuitable articles are returned to the authors with a short note of explanation form the Managing Editor. The refereeing process is “double-blind”, in that the identity of the author remains anonymous to the referee and vice versa. Authors may be asked to re-submit their article in revised form, and in all but exceptional circumstances, the Editors will consider only one re-submission of the original article. Upon completion of the refereeing and editorial processes the authors and referees will be notified of the Editors’ decision regarding publication along with explanatory feedback which includes all referees’ reports. The lag between receipt of submission and first response varies but a three month turnaround may be expected. While every effort is made to ensure that this target is achieved, it cannot be guaranteed.

Preparation of the Manuscript:
A 12 point typeface with line spacing of 1.5 is satisfactory with ample margins where comments may be placed should referees wish to mark-up the manuscript. Diagrams and tables should be arranged, as far as possible, in portrait with figures, headings and labels orientated horizontally. Equations should appear on a separate line with equation numbers (where necessary) aligned at the right hand margin. Where appropriate, full mathematical workings should accompany the articles in order to assist the referees. These workings will not be published. References should be cited according to the Harvard System, i.e. author(s)’ names and date of publication to be given in the body of the text and the references collected alphabetically at the end of the paper. The title of the journal or source should be given in full. See a recent issue of the JWE for guidance. In the case of articles quoting statistics (such as regression coefficients) based on unquoted data, authors should be prepared to send to the Editors a copy of the data and details of the methodology used (possibly in the form of a self-explanatory computer printout) so that the referee may test the derivation of such statistics.

Authors should submit their paper online at Manuscriptcentral. The submission package should include a text file (i.e., Word) and a PDF version of the manuscript containing the title, list of authors, affiliations, abstract, and a list of keywords. When creating the PDF file, be sure that all fonts are embedded into the PDF file. In exceptional circumstances, the journal may accept a hard-copy submission which should be send to Dr. Karl Storchmann
Managing Editor JWE
Economics Department
New York University
19 W 4th Street, 6FL
New York, NY 10012
E-mail: karl.storchmann@nyu.edu

Page Charges and Submission Fees:
There are no page charges or submission fees at the JWE. Although not required, non-members are invited to join the American Association of Wine Economists and subscribe to the JWE.

Authors will be required to sign a copyright form for all papers accepted for publication. Signature of the form is a condition of publication. Please see the form for further details.

Book and Film Reviews:
The JWE publishes book and film reviews, typically around 1,500 words in length. Anyone wishing to act as reviewer should contact Dr. Karl Storchmann at the address given above.