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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 2 | 2007 | No. 2

Ernest Gallo, 1909–2007: A Life in Wine (FULL TEXT PDF)
Tony Lima and Norma Schroder

INTRODUCTION | Pages 109-128


On Wine Bullshit: Some New Software? (FULL TEXT PDF)
Richard E. Quandt

EXCERPT | Pages 129-135


Debunking Critics’ Wine Words:
Can Amateurs Distinguish the Smell of Asphalt from the Taste of Cherries?

Roman L. Weil

ABSTRACT | Pages 136-144


Canadian Ice Wine Production: A Case for the Use of Weather Derivatives
Don Cyr and Martin Kusy

ABSTRACT | Pages 145-167


Protection Against Wine Price Risks: A Real Option Approach
Jean-Laurent Viviani

ABSTRACT | Pages 168-186


Is Globalization Good for Wine Drinkers in the United States?
Omer Gokcekus and Andrew Fargnoli

ABSTRACT | Pages 187-195


Assessing the Reliability of Blind Wine Tasting: Differentiating Levels of Clinical and Statistical Meaningfulness
Domenic V. Cicchetti

ABSTRACT | Pages 196-202


What Determines Port Wine Prices?
Rui Couto Viana and Lúcia Lima Rodrigues

ABSTRACT | Pages 203-212



Book & Film Reviews

Book Review
The Emperor of Wine. The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr. and the Reign of American Taste
Reviewed by Mark Heil
Pages 213-216




Book Review
Thomas Jefferson on wine

Reviewed by Domenic V. Cicchetti
Pages 217-219




Book Review
The House of Mondavi: 
The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty
Reviewed by William H. Friedland
Pages 220-221




Book Review
The Accidental Connoisseur: 
An Irreverent Journey through the Wine World
Reviewed by Richard E. Quandt
Pages 222-223




Book Review
Wine into Words: 
A History and Bibliography of Wine Books in the English Language
Reviewed by Orley C. Ashenfelter
Pages 224-225