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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 2 | 2007 | No. 1

Introduction to Quantitative Gastronomy



“Pétit Déjeuner Compris” – Is it Really Free?
George E. Johnson

ABSTRACT | Pages 2-23


Stardust over Paris Gastronomic Restaurants
Olivier Gergaud, Linett Montano Guzman and Vincenzo Verardi

ABSTRACT | Pages 24-39


Product Information, Hedonic Evaluation, and Purchase Decision:
an Experimental Study of Orange Juice

Pierre Combris, Christine Lange and Sylvie Issanchou

ABSTRACT | Pages 40-54


French Wine and the U.S. Boycott of 2003: Does Politics Really Affect Commerce? (FULL TEXT PDF)
Orley Ashenfelter, Stephen Ciccarella and Howard J. Shatz

ABSTRACT | Pages 55-74


The Military Action in Iraq 2003: Did U.S. Consumer Boycott of French Wines have any Economic Effects?
Jan Bentzen and Valdemar Smith

ABSTRACT | Pages 75-83


Critical Exposure and Price-Quality Relationships for New World Wines in the U.S. Market
Peter W. Roberts and Ray Reagans

ABSTRACT | Pages 84-97


A Note on a test for the Sum of Ranksums (FULL TEXT PDF)
Richard E. Quandt

INTRODUCTION | Pages 98-102



Book & Film Reviews

Book Review
Making Sense of Italian Wine: Discovering Italy’s Greatest Wines and Best Values
Reviewed by Domenic Cicchetti
Pages 103-105




Book Review
Tasting Pleasure: 
Confession of a Wine Lover
Reviewed by Robert N. Stavins
Pages 106-108