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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 13 | 2018 | No. 4
Selected Proceedings


Terrorism and Wine Tourism: The Case of Museum Attendance
Olivier Gergaud, Florine Livat and Haiyan Song

ABSTRACT | Pages 375 - 383


Does Blind Tasting Work? Investigating the Impact of Training on Blind Tasting Accuracy and Wine Preference
Qian Janice Wang & Domen Prešern

ABSTRACT | Pages 384 - 393


What Is the Future of the Wine-Grape Industry in Veneto? Evidence from a Micro-Macro Prediction Model
Laura Onofri, Federica Bianchin, Vasco Boatto, Maikol Furlani, Francesco Pecci and Federico Perali

ABSTRACT | Pages 394 - 402


Do Female and Male Judges Assign the Same Ratings to the Same Wines? Large Sample Results
Jeff Bodington & Manuel Malfeito-Ferreira

ABSTRACT | Pages 403 - 408


The Loyalty Structure of Sparkling Wine Brands in Italy
Luca Rossetto & Giulia Gastaldello

ABSTRACT | Pages 409 - 418


Social Capital and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Wine Regions
Jason Franken, Miguel Gómez and R. Brent Ross

ABSTRACT | Pages 419 - 428


Drink Beer for Science: An Experiment on Consumer Preferences for Local Craft Beer
Jarrett Hart

ABSTRACT | Pages 429 - 441


Long-Term Prospects of the International Wine Trade
Olivier Bargain, Jean-Marie Cardebat, Raphael Chiappini and Corentin Laffitte

ABSTRACT | Pages 442 - 450


Pesticide Use and Risk Aversion in the French Wine Sector
Joël Aka, Adeline Alonso Ugaglia and Jean-Marie Lescot

ABSTRACT | Pages 451 - 460


Leader Effects and Gender Differences in Sequential Restaurant Ordering Environments
Guenter Schamel & Francisco Javier Santos-Arteaga

ABSTRACT | Pages 461 - 468