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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 12 | 2017 | No. 4
Selected Proceedings


Price Effects of Establishing a new Sub-AVA within Oregon’s
Willamette Valley AVA

Omer Gokcekus & Clare M. Finnegan

ABSTRACT | Pages 345 - 353


Opinions versus Facts: A Bio-statistical Paradigm Shift in
Oenological Research

Dom Cicchetti

ABSTRACT | Pages 354 - 362


The Distribution of Ratings Assigned to Blind Replicates
Jeffrey Bodington

ABSTRACT | Pages 363 - 369


Exploring the Influence of Regional Brand Equity in an Emerging Wine Sector
Bonnie Canziani & Erick T. Byrd

ABSTRACT | Pages 370 - 377


“Advertisements of Every Kind to Bring Their Brand into Notoriety”: Branding and “Brandolatry” in the Nineteenth-Century Champagne Trade in Britain
Graham Harding

ABSTRACT | Pages 378 - 385


Some Cooperatives Produce Great Wines, but the Majority Does Not: Complementary Institutional Mechanisms to Improve the Performance of an Indispensable Organizational Form
Bernd Frick

ABSTRACT | Pages 386 - 394


Wine Competitions: Reevaluating the Gold Standard
Christopher Bitter

ABSTRACT | Pages 395 - 404


Collective Economic Conceptualization of Strategic Actions by Québec Cidermakers: A Mixed Methods–Based Approach
L. Martin Cloutier, Sébastien Arcand, E. Michael Laviolette & Laurent Renard

ABSTRACT | Pages 405 - 415


Consumer Preferences for Sustainable Wine Attributes: A Conjoint Analysis
Kathleen M. Kelley, Jennifer Zelinskie, Michela Centinari, Denise M. Gardner, Ramu Govindasamy, Jeffrey Hyde, Bradley Rickard & Karl Storchmann

ABSTRACT | Pages 416 - 425


Patterns of Relative Cost of Champagne by the Same Producer: Analysis of the Cost of Entry-Level, Mid-Range, and Flagship Champagne
Paul J. Merton

ABSTRACT | Pages 426 - 435


Impact of Annual Weather Fluctuations on Wine Production in Germany
Britta Niklas

ABSTRACT | Pages 436 - 445


Fairtrade Wine Price Dispersion in the United Kingdom
Britta Niklas, Karl Storchmann & Nick Vink

ABSTRACT | Pages 446 - 456