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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 1 | 2006 | No. 2

Growers vs. Merchants Bargaining on the Price of Champagne Grapes and the Role of Contracts when Bargaining is Unbalanced
Claire Chambolle and Olivier Saulpic

ABSTRACT | Pages 95-113


Spatial Variations in Weather Conditions and Wine Prices in Bordeaux
Sébastien Lecocq and Michael Visser

ABSTRACT | Pages 114-124


The Paris 1976 Wine Tastings Revisited Once More: Comparing Ratings of Consistent and Inconsistent Tasters
Domenic V. Cicchetti

ABSTRACT | Pages 125-140


What Determines the Future Value of an Icon Wine?
New Evidence from Australia
Danielle Wood and Kym Anderson

ABSTRACT | Pages 141-161


Price Formation in the California Winegrape Economy (FULL TEXT PDF)
Dale Heien

ABSTRACT | Pages 162-172


Tales from the Crypt: Auctioneer Bruce Kaiser Tells Us about the
Trials and Tribulations of a Wine Judge (FULL TEXT PDF)

Interviewed by Orley Ashenfelter

ABSTRACT | Pages 173-175


Price and Quality in the California Wine Industry: An Empirical Investigation
Tony Lima

ABSTRACT | Pages 176-190



Book & Film Reviews

Book Review
A History of Wine in America: From Prohibition to the Present
Reviewed by Daniel A. Sumner
Pages 191-194




Book Review
North American Pinot Noir
Reviewed by Domenic V. Cicchetti
Pages 195-196



Book Review
A Life Uncorked
Reviewed by Peter J. Dougherty
Pages 197-198