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Journal of Wine Economics
Volume 1 | 2006 | No. 1


FULL TEXT | Page 1


Interstate Wine Shipments and E-Commerce (FULL TEXT PDF)
Daniel L. McFadden

EXCERPT | Pages 3-6


Measurement and Inference in Wine Tasting
Richard E. Quandt

ABSTRACT | Pages 7-30


Analysis of a Wine Tasting
Dennis V. Lindley

ABSTRACT | Pages 33-41


What Determines Wine Prices: Objective vs.
Sensory Characteristics (FULL TEXT PDF)

Sébastien Lecocq and Michael Visser

ABSTRACT | Pages 42-56


Early Sales of Bordeaux Grands Crus
Philippe Mahenc and Valérie Meunier

ABSTRACT | Pages 57-74


Assessing the Effect of Information on the Reservation Price for Champagne: What are Consumers Actually Paying for?
Pierre Combris, Christine Lange and Sylvie Issanchou

ABSTRACT | Pages 75-88



Book & Film Reviews

Book Review
The Judgment of Paris: California vs. France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting that Revolutionized Wine
Reviewed by Orley Ashenfelter
Pages 89-90




Film Review

Reviewed by Robert Stavins
Pages 91-93