AAWE, Economics Dept, New York University, 19 W 4th St, 6Fl., New York NY 10012aawe@wine-economics.org
XXXQian Janice Wang 2nd Presentation (Oxford University)
Wine Complexity: An Empirical Investigation
Qian Janice WangQian Janice Wang & Domen Presern (Oxford University)
Does blind tasting work?
XXXPawel Oleksy, Marcin Czupryna (Cracow University of Economics, Poland), Michal Jakubczyk (SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
Behavioral perspective on fine wine pricing
XXXOlivier Bargain, Jean-Marie Cardebat (University of Bordeaux, France), Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton University)
Top incomes: Evidence from Bordeaux fine wine prices
XXXLuigi Galletto, Luigino Barisan (U Padova)
A new sub-appellation among local restaurants: The Rive case in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco district
XXXLisa Yip, Haiyan Song (Hong Kong Polytechnic U), Steve Charters (Burgundy School of Business)
The Millennial Chinese preferences on domestic against imported wines
Lisa Yip, Haiyan Song, Steve ChartersKathryn LaTour (Cornell U), Qian Janice Wang, Charles Spence (Oxford U), Meaghan Frank (Dr. Konstantin Frank Wine), Ben Houge (Berklee School of Music)
The influence of music on the perception of oaked wines – A tasting room case study in the Finger Lakes Region
XXXFlorine Livat (KEDGE Business School - Bordeaux, France), Haiyan Song, Shun Ye (Hong Kong Polytechnic U)
Terrorism attacks and inbound tourist flows to France: Is wine tourism a substitute?
XXXFlorine Livat, Olivier Gergaud, (KEDGE Business School - Bordeaux, France)
Terrorism and wine tourism: The recent case of France
XXXBurak Kazaz (Syracuse University), M. Hakan Hekimoglu (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Pricing of wine futures under weather and market uncertainty
XXXBritta Niklas (Ruhr-University Bochum)
Can music change the taste of wine?
XXXShuay-Tsyr Ho (Cornell University)
Alcohol regulation and consumer choice for product variety
XXXAlex Albright (Harvard University)
The roles of social media and expert reviews in the market for high-end goods: A case study using wine
XXXRobin Goldstein (UC Davis)
Retail costs and price relationships for the 2017 California cannabis market
XXXKevin Capehart (California State University, Fresno), Elena Berg (American University of Paris)
Fine Water: A blind taste test
XXXGregory Whitten (Les Climats Imports)
Examining Asian wine preferences and their tie to cultural differences between Japan and China and how they will affect regional production and exports?
XXXDon Cyr, Lester Kwong, Ling Sun (Brock University)
Who will replace Parker? A copula function analysis of Bordeaux en primeur wine raters