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Why is my CSV not working in Excel?

Some users have reported that their CSV’s are not opening properly in Excel.  Excel is an incredibly powerful tool with many different options for importing CSV’s.  Often times Excel does a poor job of “automatically” opening CSV files and trying to guess at the formatting.  Instead, try using the “Import” option from within Excel to configure the CSV import manually.  All cell data is contained by double quotes and is separated by a comma.

Before contacting support, test your CSV in Open Office, Google Docs, or Numbers to rule out Excel as the cause of your CSV frustrations.  We unfortunately cannot control how Excel opens your CSV files, but with the right configuration on your machine it should work.

For users who are still struggling with opening their CSV’s in Excel, we have had may reports that saving in Google Docs or Open Office first and then exporting as a CSV has solved the problem for the majority of our users.