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AAWE Working Paper No. 123 – History


The Organization of Rome’s Wine Trade

Alexander Conison


This project has relied on the help, directly and indirectly, of my many colleagues, advisors, and friends here at the University of Michigan. But my space here is short, and it is altogether impossible to describe the suggestions, questions, and conversations held in the Classics department, Ann Arbor bars, and friends’ homes which have allowed me to bring this project to completion. First, the financial and intellectual support given me by the University of Michigan and the Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History has been beyond generous. My fellow students in IPGRH, IPCAA, and Classical Philology are among the most pleasant, intelligent, and entertaining group of colleagues one could hope for. I owe, in addition, singular debts of gratitude to the following people: Ben Acosta-Hughes; Alex Angelov; Michelle Biggs; H.D. Cameron; David, Jay, & Nancy Conison; Kevin Dicus; Bruce Frier; Traianos Gagos; Charlotte Maxwell-Jones; Raji Mittal; Jason Parnell; Davorka “Seki” Radovcic; Jon Rowland; Gina Soter; Ray Van Dam. Brief words here could not possibly do justice to the many ways, great and small, you all have impacted my life over the last six years.

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