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Massachusetts Wine Laws Violate the U.S. Constitution

by Elliott Morss Introduction A recent report found that more wine is consumed per capita in Massachusetts than in any other US state. That might lead you to expect that Massachusetts wine laws would accommodate its wine drinkers. They don’t. In fact, a recent study[1] found that Massachusetts is one of 16 states with the…

Massachusetts Wine Laws Violate the U.S. Constitution

by Elliott R. Morss, Ph.D. Introduction What is the state of the US wine market? Is it better for buyers or sellers? And what is popular? These questions are the focus of this article. I start with some aggregate numbers on the global wine industry. I then present the results of a survey done of…

The US Wine Market – A Global Economist’s Perspective (Part 1)

September, 8, 2010, by Elliott Morss, www.morssglobalfinance.com Introduction The article starts by summarizing economic findings on people’s wine selections. It then examines the US wine market. It finishes with suggestions on selecting wines. How People Select Wines Considerable economic analysis has been done on how people choose wine[1]. Summarized in an earlier article, the primary…

The US Wine Market – What to Buy

Research on how people select wine indicates that taste plays a very small role. But most of the research has been carried out on the selection of expensive French and US wines. A method for choosing wine if taste matters is proposed.

The Taste of Wine – Does It Matter? A Global Economist’s Perspective (Part 2)

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