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Trestle on Tenth (NYC): Orley Ashenfelter & Stuart Pigott
The Rieslings of the new Rheinhessens
November 28, 2012

CNBC: Orley Ashenfelter in Street Signs
October 20, 2006

ABC: Orley Ashenfelter in Good Morning America
March 9, 1992

In the U.S. 2015

  • Forbes September 9, 2015
    5 Expert Strategies For Buying Wine
    Robert Hodgson uncorks his wine-shopping strategy.
  • The New Yorker July 29, 2015
    Is there a better way to talk about wine?
    By Bianca Bosker
  • Slate Money July 4, 2015
    The Wine Edition
    Karl Storchmann discusses how wine ratings affect prices and how to decide what to spend on your bottle.

In the U.S. 2014

  • Oregon Winepress Aug 1, 2014: Follow the Paper Trail.
    By Neal Hulkower
  • Washington Times Jan 30, 2014: Booze moment: Study finds that liberals and socialists drink more.
    By Jennifer Harper
  • Freakonomics Blog Jan 30, 2014: Who Drinks More: Liberals or Conservatives?
  • TIME Magazine, Jan 29, 2014: Study: Liberals Booze More Than Conservatives.
    By Katy Steinmetz
  • Oregonian, Jan 29, 2014 Who drinks more, conservatives or liberals? It’s been studied. By Harry Esteve

In the U.S. 2013

  • Reuters (Dec 17, 2013) Wine experts say holiday champagne recession is over.
  • Wall Street Journal October 10, 2013 Best Kind of ‘Dismal’.
  • Oregon Winepress (Aug 1, 2013) Stellar in Stellenbosch.
    By Neal Hulkower

In the U.S. 2012

In the U.S. 2011

  • Time Newsfeed July 6, 2011 Study: You’re Drunker Than That Wine Bottle Says You Should Be
  • Huffington Post June 6, 2011 What’s in a Name? Wine, Economics, and Terroir, by Robert Stavins

In the U.S. 2010

  • Freakonomics Radio, NPR December 15, 2010 Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better? Downloadable podcast
  • National Public Radio NPR, Marketplace November 30, 2010 In vino veritas, Sort of
  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 17, 2010 Spirits Science trumps wine dogma, and money can’t buy me love See attached PDF
  • Wines & Vines October 13, 2010 Wine Ratings Spur Northwest Tourism
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer January 21, 2010 Awash in wine; Judging the biggest American competition – 544 glasses worth – is a palate challenge, sobering and exhilarating

In the U.S. 2009

In the U.S. 2008

  • Wines & Vines August 19, 2008 Economists Question Real Value of Wine

In the U.S. 2007

In the U.S. 2006

  • Bloomberg (December 18, 2006) Go Ahead, Splurge; Wine Proves Top Investment
  • Financial Times November 17, 2006 “Dear Economist.” (Paywall-8 articles per month are free)
  • The Economist October 12, 2006 Wine economics: fruity little numbers
  • The New York Times July 15, 2006 “Economic Scene: in the language of gastronomy, those Michelin stars translate as dollar signs”
  • Wine Lovers Page July 5, 2006 “Wine and the dismal science”
  • Freakonomics Blog July 5, 2006 “Meet the American Association of Wine Economists (not a joke)”

 Outside of the U.S. 2015

  • www.gov.au On June 8, Kym Anderson received the highest honors at the Queen’s Birthday awards:

 Outside of the U.S. 2014

  • The Guardian January 17, 2014 Alcohol consumption higher in more liberal US states, study shows. By Robert Booth

Outside of the U.S. 2013

  • The Observer (UK) David Derbyshire, June 23, 2013 Wine-tasting: it’s junk science.

Outside of the U.S. 2012

Outside of the U.S. 2011

  • IOL Lifestyle (South Africa) July 14, 2011 How much alcohol is in that glass?
  • National Post (Canada) Jul 10, 2011 School near fast-food joint? Expect fatter kids
  • Daily Mail (UK) July 7, 2011 Wince that packs a bigger punch than you’d expect See attached PDF
  • Stuff (New Zealand) July 6, 2011 Kiwi wines keeping it honest
  • Midiamax News (Brazil) July 5, 2011 Fabricantes erram teor alcoólico de vinho em rótulos, diz estudo
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) July 5, 2011 Getting tipsy? Your wine bottle might be lying to you
  • The Guardian (UK) July 5, 2011 Wine Alcohol Strength)
  • Sunday Times (South Africa) June 25, 2011 The lighter side of bertimate change
  • Vitisphere (France) June12, 2011 L’alcool dans des vins est une partie de Colin-Maillard
  • Vin Québec (Canada) June 9, 2011 La hausse du taux d’alcool dans le vin n’est pas due au réchauffement climatique
  • Decanter (UK) June 8, 2011 Climate change not responsible for rising alcohol levels: study
  • The Independent (UK) May 31, 2011 Producers understate true strength of wines
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) February 1, 2011 Why wine drinking and monogamy go together
  • The Times (UK) January 27, 2011 Sobering truths for wine buffs; Eat my words See attached PDF
  • Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) January 2011, 2011 Never mind the year, that view’s a corker; wine

Outside of the U.S. 2010

  • The Times (UK) July 10, 2010 Label table See attached PDF
  • The Australian (Australia) July 5, 2010 To impress your guests, save cash on wine and go for a ritzy label
  • Ottawa Citizen July 3, 2010 You can judge a wine by its label, study finds; The more pricey it seems the more enjoyable it is See attached PDF
  • The Times (UK) July 3, 2010 Embarrassed by that cheap wine you’ve chosen? If the label looks expensive, you’ll get away with it. See attached PDF
  • Yucasee Media (Japan) May 11, 2010
  • Mail & Guardian (UK) April 16, 2010 Million-dollar palate
  • The Guardian (UK) April 8, 2010 A taste for Bordeaux: The critics have just declared Bordeaux’s new vintage the best in living memory. But how can they judge wines that won’t be ready to drink for another few decades?
  • The Calgary Herald (Canada) April 4, 2010 Uncork higher returns with a bottle of Bordeaux See attached PDF
  • The Gazette (Canada) April 3, 2010 Fine wines are liquid assets that can outperform stock market See attached PDF
  • National Post’s Financial Post & FP Investing (Canada) April 3, 2010 Liquid assets in your portfolio; Wine is a high-return low-risk delicious kind of investment
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) March 30, 2010 For buyers and cellars: wine’s robust returns
  • Reuters (UK) March 13, 2010Liquid assets outperform Russell 3000 Index
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) March 2, 2010 The highs and lows of wine: Buy one Bordeaux or three bargain cab-sauvs?

Outside of the U.S. 2009

Outside of the U.S. 2008

  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) September 29, 2008 Betting on the weather? How Canadian; To protect against warmer winters, a study suggests vintners could cushion their icewine crop with a well-placed wager See attached PDF
  • Decanter (UK) April 18, 2008 Price more important than taste: Caltech study reinforced The Age (Melbourne, Australia) July 24, 2007 Do wine boycotts work?

Outside of the U.S. 2006

  • New Zealand Herald (December 20, 2006) A fine time to invest in wine (but don’t drink the profits)
  • Asti Group (Russia) November 4, 2006 Американские экономисты основали винный журнал
  • Agronavigator (Czech Republic) Oct 20, 2006 “Co určuje cenu vína”
  • Decanter (UK) May 18, 2006 Economists launch new wine journal
  • Marketing del vino (Italy) May 17, 2006 American Association of Wine Economists