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Photography: Courtesy Cayuse Vineyards

Christophe Baron Prize for
the Best Conference Presentation


The Christophe Baron Prize for the best wine economics presentation at an AAWE Annual Conference is donated by Christophe Baron of Cayuse Vineyards, Walla Walla, Washington and consists of six bottles of Cayuse Syrah.

Christophe-BaronChristophe is a native of the Champagne region in France where his family has made champagne for centuries. He studied viticulture and enology in Champagne and Burgundy and in 1993, came to the U.S. to further his training. Among others, he has worked with Adelsheim Vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and interned at Waterbrook Winery in Walla Walla, Washington. After being a “flying winemaker” in Australia, New Zealand, and Romania for a few years, Christophe wanted to start his own vineyards and returned to the Pacific Northwest. In 1996, he bought an old 10-acre orchard covered with softball-sized cobblestones fifteen miles south of Walla Walla, Washington. He called the venture Cayuse Vineyards, after a Native American tribe whose name was derived from the French word “cailloux”—which means “stones.” In the decade since, it has grown to seven vineyards, soon to be eight, encompassing more than 55 acres. What was considered by many a foolish gamble on that field of stones has been rewarded year after year with some of the most acclaimed wines in the region—and in the nation. “Those stones are the reason I’m here in Walla Walla,” Christophe says. “It’s certainly not for the night life.”

The Christophe Baron Prize thus acknowledges outstanding economic work, sometimes conducted off the beaten track, service to the association, and utter dedication to the discipline of wine economics (often done instead of glittering night life).


2018 Ithaca, USA

Qian Janice Wang (Oxford University)
Is complexity worth paying for? Investigating the perception of wine complexity in consumers and experts (with Charles Since, Oxford University).


Olivier Bargain and Jean-Marie Cardebat (University of Bordeaux, France)
Top incomes: Evidence from Bordeaux fine wine prices (with Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton University).


Angelo Zago (University of Verona, Italy) & Philippe Bontems (Toulouse School of Economics, France)
The market organization in the wine industry.


2017 Padua, Italy

Raphael Chiappini (University of Bordeaux, France)
French Wine Trade – General Determinants, Frictions and Tastes. (joint with Olivier Bargain, University Aix-Marseilles, France, and Jean-Marie Cardebat, University of Bordeaux and INSEEC)


Magali Delmas (UCLA, USA). Sustainable Practices and Wine Quality. Is There Value in Certification? (joint with Olivier Gergaud, KEDGE Business School Bordeaux).

Marica Valente  (DIW Berlin) Who is Harvesting our Grapes? Estimating the Impact of the European Migrant. Crisis on Vineyard Productivity in Southern Italy (joint with Stefan Seifert, DIW Berlin).


2016 Bordeaux, France

Olivier Bargain (Aix Marseille University, France)
History Matters, Gurus Too. Standardized Expert Scores of Bordeaux Fine Wines, Chateau Reputation Effects and the Traditional Classifications (joint with Jean-Marie Cardebat, Bordeaux University and INSEEC).

Pierre Fleckinger (Mines ParisTech, France)
Fancy a Burgundy – or a Bordeaux – AOC? On Quality Incentives in Collective Reputation Architectures (joint with Angelo Zago, University of Verona, & Wanda Mimra, ETH Zurich).

Pilar Jano (Adolfo Ibañez University, Santiago, Chile)
Collective Action in Agriculture: The Case of Winegrape Farmer Cooperatives in Chile.

Vikram Pathania (University of Sussex, UK) & David de Meza (London School of Economics, UK)
Choose the Cheapest? The Case of Restaurant Wine Menus.

Alex Albright (Stanford University, USA) & Peter Pedroni (Williams College, USA)
The Role of Social Media and Expert Reviews in the Market for High-End Goods: An Example From The Market for High-End Wines.

Local Organization:
Adeline Alonso Ugaglia (Bordeux Sciences Agro, France), Jean-Marie Cardebat (University of Bordeaux), Olivier Gergaud (KEDGE Business School)


2015 Mendoza, Argentina

Michael Darden  (Tulane University)
Wine, Alcohol, and Cardiovascular Health: Revisiting the Health Benefits of Wine in the Framingham Heart Study (joint with Douglas Nelson).

Florine Livat (KEDGE Business School Bordeaux)
Sommeliers, restaurants and wine price markup (joint with Hervé Remaud).

Alastair Reed (Melbourne Polytechnic)
Using Big Data to investigate the influence of climate and demography on wine consumer habits (joint with Michael Shannon).


Local Organization: Jimena Estrella, Alejandro Gennari (both Universidad Nacional de Cuyo), AAWE: Ralf Powierski (Hamburg)

2014 Walla Walla, WA, USA

Gary M. Thompson  (Cornell University), 
Wine Cellar Optimization 

Kenneth Elzinga (University of Virginia), Carol Tremblay (Oregon State University) and Victor Tremblay (Oregon State University)
Craft Beer in the USA: History, Scope and Geography.

Ian B. Page (University of Maryland)
The Economics of Whisky: an Analysis of Imperfect Competition when Product Quality is Endogenous.


Local Organization:
Lee Sanning (Whitman College), Nick Velluzzi (Walla Walla Community College)


2013 Stellenbosch, South Africa

Florian Bauer  (Stellenbosch University)
Wine Sciences and Innovation in South Africa: Potential Game Changers?

Jean-Marie Cardebat (Université de Bordeaux IV)
Do Exchange Rate Variations Matter for French Wine Exports? (joint with Jean-Marc Figuet, Université de Bordeaux IV).

Tim Coelli (University of Queensland)
The Technical Efficiency of Wine Grape Growers in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia (joint with Orion Sanders, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences).

Christophe Spaenjers (HEC Paris)
Wine as a Long-Term Investment (joint with Elroy Dimson, London Business School, and Peter Rousseau, Vanderbilt University).

Local Organization: Dirk Troskie (Western Cape Government), Nick Vink (Stellenbosch University)


2012 Princeton, NJ, USA

Bradley Rickard (Cornell University)
Reputation Spillovers: Examining Consumer Response to Information about Wine Appellations (joint with Jill McCluskey, Washington State University, and Richard W. Patterson, Cornell University).

Antonella Mancino  (Universidad del CEMA Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Measuring the Impact of Climate Change on Argentinean Viticulture.

Philippe Masset (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Bottled Poetry: Tasters, Ratings and en primeur Prices (joint with Jean-Philippe Weisskopf, University of Fribourg, Switzerland).

Local Organization: Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton University), Pete Parcells (Whitman College), Karl Storchmann (New York University)

2011 Bolzano, Italy

Julian Alston (UC Davis)
Splendide Mendax: False Label Claims about High and Rising Alcohol Content of Wine (with Kate Fuller (UC Davis), James Lapsley (UC Davis), Kabir Tumber (UC Davis), George Soleas (Liquor Control Board of Ontario).

Franco Peracchi (U of Rome Tor Vergata)
Price and Landscape as Signals of Product Quality: Evidence Based on Random Signals in Wine Tastings (with Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Collegio Carlo Alberto) and Aleksey Tetenov (Collegio Carlo Alberto))

Koen Deconinck (U of Leuven)
From Vodka to Baltika: A Perfect Storm in the Russian Beer Market (with Jo Swinnen, U Leuven)

Local Organization: Günter Schamel (Free University of Bolzano)


2010 Davis, CA, USA

Jing Cao and Lynne Stokes (both Southern Methodist University)
Evaluation of Wine Judge Performance through Three Characteristics: Bias, Discrimination, and Variation.

Magali Delmas (UC Los Angeles)
Consumers’ Responses to Wine Eco-Labels.

Bernd Frick (University of Paderborn)
The Impact of Individual and Collective Reputation on Wine Prices: Empirical Evidence from the Mosel Valley.

Local Organization: Julian Alston (UC Davis), Jonathan Barker (UC Davis), Leslie “Bees” Butler (UC Davis), Clare Hasler (UC Davis), James T. Lapsley (UC Davis), Stephen Sawyer (City of Vacaville, CA).


2009 Reims, France

Coco Krumme (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
A Nose by any other Name: Descriptions as Signals for Wine Price.

Carlos Ramirez (George Mason University)
Do Words Add Value? The Effects of Wine Descriptions on Wine Prices: Evidence from Napa.

Alex Robinson (Whitman College)
Exchange Rate Pass-Through to U.S. Import Prices. Evidence from the Wine Market.

Local Organization: Christian Barrère (University of Reims), Stephen Charters (Reims Management School), Olivier Gergaud (University of Reims), David Ménival (Reims Management School)


2008 Portland, OR, USA

Robert Hodgson (Humboldt State University and Fieldbrook Winery)
An Examination of Judge Reliability at a major U.S. Wine Competition.

Peter Roberts (Emory University)
Basking in Reflected Glory: Substantive and Symbolic Implications of Winemaker Mobility.

Local Organization: Mellie Pullman (Portland State University),
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College).


2007 Trier, Germany

The Liquid Assets Prize of the AAWE/VDQS was awarded to:
Peter Roberts (Emory University)
Critical Exposure and P-Q Relationships for New World Wine in the US Market.

The AAWE Prize was awarded to
Paolo Buonanno (University of Bergamo), Paolo Vanin (University of Padova)
Bowling Alone, Drinking Together.

Local Organization: Dieter Sadowski (University of Trier),
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College)