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Photography: Courtesy Cayuse Vineyards

AAWE 2018 Research Scholarships

Shuay-Tsyr Ho (Cornell University)
Alcohol regulation and consumer choice for product variety.



Alex Albright (Harvard University)
Peter Pedroni & Stephen Sheppard (Williams College)
The roles of social media and expert reviews in the market for high-end goods: A case study using wine.



Domen Prešern & Qian Janice Wang
(Oxford University)
Does blind tasting work? Investigating the impact of training on blind tasting accuracy and wine preference.



AAWE 2017 Research Scholarships

Marica Valente and Stefan Seifert (DIW Berlin, Germany)
Who is Harvesting our Grapes? Estimating the Impact of the European Migrant Crisis on Vineyard Productivity in Southern Italy.



Jarrett D. Hart (University of California, Davis, USA)
Scraping the Bottom of the Beer Barrel: Consumer Responses to Brewery Acquisitions.




Mara Virginia Galmarini (INRA, France; CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires) Wine and Cheese: Two Products or one Association? A New Method for Assessing and Communicating on Wine-Cheese Pairings



AAWE 2016 Research Scholarships

($1,500 plus free registration)

georgi-gabrielyan-video-tnGeorgi T. Gabrielyan (University of California Davis, USA)
Wine Trade and the Economics of Import Duty and Excise Tax Drawbacks.



marleen-marra-video-tnMarleen Marra (University College London, UK)
Do Wine Buyers at Auction Benefit from Higher Commissions?




giulia-meloni-video-tnGiulia Meloni (University of Leuven, Belgium)
Bugs, Tariffs and Colonies-France and the Mediterranean Wine Trade in the 19th and 20th Centuries.