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The American Association of Wine Economists AAWE offers
3 Scholarships for Research Papers in Wine Economics

Each Scholarship provides US$1,500 and grants Free Admission to the
12th Annual AAWE Conference in Ithaca/New York (June 10-July 14, 2018)

We consider all wine topics related to economics, statistics, and business including submissions that overlap with adjacent fields such as psychology, neuroscience, history, linguistics, viticulture, or enology.

Eligibility and Submission: The objective of the scholarships is to foster high quality research in wine economics. The awards are aimed at economists in their early carrier stages including, but not limited to, graduate students and assistant professors. There is no age limit.

Submit a 2500-word outline and your CV by December 10, 2017, to


Funded Projects will be selected by December 31, 2017. Selected projects must be completed by May 10, 2018, and be presented at the Annual AAWE Conference in Ithaca (June 10-14, 2018). Submission to the Journal of Wine Economics is encouraged.

For more information email Dr. Karl Storchmann:


AAWE 2018 Research Scholarships

Ho Shuay-Tsyr (Cornell University)
Alcohol regulation and consumer choice for product variety.



Alex Albright (Harvard University)
Peter Pedroni & Stephen Sheppard (Williams College)
The roles of social media and expert reviews in the market for high-end goods: A case study using wine.



Domen Prešern & Qian Janice Wang
(Oxford University)
Does blind tasting work? Investigating the impact of training on blind tasting accuracy and wine preference.