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JUNE 28, 2017

Palazzo Moroni (Town Hall) – Paladin Room
Via Municipo 1, Padova
(across from main University building)
JUNE 29, 2017
8:30 - 9:00ORTO BOTANCO (Botanical Garden)
9:00 - 9:20AUDITORIUM
PLENARY SESSION: Welcome 2017 & Outlook 2018

Karl Storchmann (New York University)

Luca Rossetto (University of Padova)

Gary Thompson (Cornell University)
9:20 - 9:45PLENARY SESSION: AAWE Scholarships
Chair: Karl Storchmann (New York University)
Jarrett D. Hart
(UC Davis)
Scraping the bottom of the beer barrel: Consumer responses to brewery acquisitionsPDF
Marica Valente
Stefan Seifert (DIW Berlin)
Who is harvesting our grapes? Estimating the impact of the European migrant crisis on vineyard productivity in southern ItalyPDF
Mara Galmarini
(CONICET Buenos Aires)
Wine and cheese: Two products or one association? A new method for assessing and communicating on wine-cheese pairings
10:45 – 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 – 12.30AUDITORIUM
Giancarlo Dalla Fontana (Vice Rector, University of Padova)

Raffaele Cavalli (Dean, Tesaf Department)

Vasco Boatto (Dean, CIRVE Center)
Chair: Edi Defrancesco (U Padova)
Edi Defrancesco
(University of Padova)
The Veneto Wine Industry at a glance

Lodovico Giustiniani (Confagricoltura)

Gabriele Castelli (Alleanza Cooperative Italiane)

Filippo Taglietti (Prosecco Superiore DOCG)

Luca Giavi (Prosecco DOC)

Albino Armani (DOC delle Venezie)

Andrea Gianesini (Colli Euganei DOC)
12:30 – 14:00FOYER AND TERRACE1st floor, Botanical Garden
Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:30
Session #1A: Trade I
Chair: Jean-Marie Cardebat (University of Bordeaux)
Laura Werner
(U Hagen)
Identifying hysteresis non-linearities in trade: Evidence from European wine exports to the USAbstractPDF
Vicente Pinilla
Raul Serrano
(U Zaragoza)
The importance of cooperative networks in the internationalization of wine SMEsAbstractPDF
Olivier Bargain
(Aix Marseille U)
Jean-Marie Cardebat
Raphael Chiappini (U Bordeaux)
French wine trade - General determinants, frictions and tastesAbstractPDF
Giulia Meloni
Jo Swinnen
(U Leuven)
Trade and Terroir. The Reverse Causality.Abstract
Federico Nassivera
(U Udine)
Determinants of export performance in Italian wine SMEs: the mediating role of risk perceptionAbstractPDF
Session #1B: Profiling Wine Consumers
Chair: Mara Thiene (U Padova)
Lina Lourenço-Gomes
João Rebelo
Elisete Correia
Carla Ferreira
(U Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro)
Philippe Baumert
(U Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)
Christine Plumejeaud
(U La Rochelle)
Contribution to understand the profile of the wine consumer: A multivariate data analysisAbstract
Stefano Corsi
Giordano Ruggeri
(U Milan),
Maryline Filippi
(U Bordeaux)
The wine consumer profiler game. An innovative tool for analysing consumers' preferences for bulk wine marketAbstract
Mara Thiene
Luigi Galletto
Vasco Boatto
(U Padova)
Riccardo Scarpa
(U Verona,
Durham U)
Prosecco drinking choices. Where, with whom and when and does it matter for preference analysis?Abstract
Lucas Nesselhauf
Ruth Fleuchaus
(Heilbronn U)
Ludwig Theuvsen
(U Göttingen)
German wine consumers and new grape varieties – A choice-based conjoint analysisAbstractPDF
Riccardo Vecchio
Luigi Cembalo
Francesco Caracciolo
Maria Tiziana Lisanti
Angelita Gambetti
Paola Piombino
(U Naples Federico II)
Giuseppe Marotta
Concetta Nazzaro
(U Sannio)
Some like it Charmat. Young Italian consumers’ preferences for sparkling wineAbstract
Marco Lerro
Riccardo Vecchio
Francesco Caracciolo,
Luigi Cembalo
(U Naples Federico II)
The value of corporate social responsibility in the wine industry: insights from Italian consumersAbstract
Session #1C: Regional Wine Identity
Chair: Jacqueline Dutton (U Melbourne)
Péter Gál
(Corvinus U Budapest)
How can geographical indications influence wine prices? Estimating price premiums for Hungarian geographical indicationsAbstractPPT
Laura Onofri
Vasco Boatto
Federica Bianchin
(U Padova)
Maikol Furlani
Francesco Pecci
Federico Perali
(U Verona)
What is the future of the wine-grape industry in Veneto? Evidence from a micro-macro-based prediction framework.Abstract
Jeff Gow
(U Southern Queensland)
Jacqueline Dutton
(U Melbourne)
Bligh Grant
(U Technology Sydney)
Wine classification systems. The special case of collective family ownershipAbstract
Florine Livat
(KEDGE Business School Bordeaux)
Jean-Marie Cardebat
(U Bordeaux)
Julian Alston (UC Davis)
Appellations of origin as substitutes. A cointegration approach applied to Bordeaux wine pricesAbstract
Gregory Whitten
(Harvard Kennedy School Alumni)
Unlocking German wine classification and if the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter classifications helps or hurts German wine consumption?AbstractPPT
Dirk Troskie
(Western Cape Dept of Agriculture)
From good intentions to implementation-government’s role as (anti) catalystAbstract
Session #1D: Wine Business I
Chair: Martin Cloutier (U Quebec at Montreal)
Martin Cloutier
(U Quebec at Montreal)
Francis Declerck
(ESSEC Business School)
Testing the structure of the Champagne vertical coordination dynamics: Micro-structure meets macro-behaviorAbstract
Bob Duan
Charles Arcodia
Emily Ma
(Griffith U)
Understanding the motivation of Chinese overseas wine tourists: a social identity perspectiveAbstract
Leo Dana
(Montpellier Business School)
Selena Aureli
(U Bologna)
Wine cluster formation and operation in ItalyAbstract
Martin Kunc
(U Warwick)
E-commerce and wine in ChinaAbstractPDF
Pete Parcells
(Whitman College)
Wine crime – social and economic impactsAbstract
Stephanie Nadezda Güsten
(U Giessen)
Wine, wit and wisdom - what promotion flyers can tell us about assortment composition, using the example of wineAbstractPDF
15:30 – 16:00Coffee Break
Session #2A: Producing Grapes
Chair: Paul Merton (Ethos Wines Group)
Adeline Alonso Ugaglia
Joël Aka
(Bordeaux Sciences Agro)
Jean-Marie Lescot (Irstea)
Analysis of risk preferences: an application to French winegrowersAbstract
Hildegard Garming
Walter Dirksmeyer
(Thünen Inst of Farm Economics)
Juan Sebastian Cas-tillo Valero
(U Castilla la Mancha)
Jimena Estrella
(U Cuyo, Mendoza)
Roberto Jaras-Roja
(U Talca)
Nick Vink
Jan Lombard
(Stellenbosch U)
Sebastian Riera
(U Göttingen)
Luca Rossetto
(U Padova)
Boris Bravo-Ureta
(U Connecticut)
Antonio de Zanche
(Veneto Agricoltura)
An international network approach to the economic analysis of wine grape production systemsAbstract
Roberta Capitello
Diego Begalli
(U Verona),
Maria De Salvo
(U Catania)
Winegrowers’ risk perception. The perspective of wine cooperative members in northern ItalyAbstract
Luigino Barisan
Federica Bianchin
Luigi Galletto (U Padova)
Planting a new vineyard with no authorization. The profitability to buy vineyard land in ItalyAbstract
József Tóth
Péter Gál
(Corvinus U Budapest)
Efficiency Drivers of the New Wine WorldAbstractPPT
Paul Merton
(Ethos Wines Group)
Patterns of relative champagne cost within the same producer. Time series and cross-sectional analysis of the cost of entry-level and premium champagneAbstractPPT
Session #2B: Sustainability & Consumers I
Chair: Steve Charters (Burgundy School of Business)
Alexandre Mondoux
(ETH Zurich)
Should we put ice in wine? A difference-in-difference approach from SwitzerlandAbstractPDF
Rumina Dhalla
(U Guelph)
Implications of identity for organizational strategic responses to institutional pressures for sustainability in the Australian wine industryAbstract
Steve Charters
Lara Agnoli
Valeriane Tavilla
(Burgundy School of Business)
Tell me a story about terroir. Analyzing the appeal of different terroir stimuli for consumersAbstractPPT
Lisa Yip
Haiyan Son
(Hong Kong Polytechnic U)
Steve Charters
(Burgundy School of Business)
Exploring the meaning of wine to the Chinese and French wine consumersAbstractPPT
Chen Yue
Ramu Govindasamy
(Rutgers U)
Kathy Kelley
(Pennsylvania State U)
Super-core wine consumers - A study from the Mid-Atlantic United StatesAbstract
Kathy Kelley
Jennifer Zelinskie
Denise Gardner
Michela Centinari
(Pennsylvania State U)
Ramu Govindasamy (Rutgers U)
Brad Rickard
(Cornell University)
Karl Storchmann (NYU)
Consumer preference for sustainable wine attributes - A conjoint analysisAbstractPDF
Session #2C: Tasting, Quality & Experiments I
Chair: Denton Marks (U Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Benoît Faye
Eric Le Fur
(INSEEC Bordeaux)
About the “constancy” of wine hedonic coefficients over timeAbstract
Christine Mauracher
Marco Valentini
(U Ca' Foscari Venezia)
Alessandra Castellini
(U Bologna)
Isabella Procidano
(U Venice)
How much more are consumers willing to pay for organic wine? Survey evidence from ItalyAbstract
Inge Jonaityte
(Ca' Foscari U Venice)
Learning to choose: How use of salient cues can aid decision-makers to evaluate and select wine optimally
Jonathan Steyn
(U Cape Town)
Exploring the resonance of the old vines category’s value proposition amongst wine consumers in South AfricaAbstract
Denton Marks
(U Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Thinking “Fast and Slow” and otherwise and wine consumer decisionsAbstract
Christopher Bitter
(Vintage Economics)
Reevaluating the gold standardAbstractPDF
18.30h Tour of & Dinner at Abbazia di Praglia (Praglia Abbey)
Via Abbazia di Praglia 16, Teolo

Buses Leave at 18.30h from Prato della Valle

Via Prato della Valle 71
(200m from Botanical Garden)
JUNE 30, 2017ORTO BOTANCO (Botanical Garden)
8:30 – 9:00REGISTRATION, Foyer Auditorium
9:00-10:30 AUDITORIUM
Session #3A: Wine History
Chair: Vicente Pinilla (U Zaragoza)
Vicente Pinilla
Maria Isabel Ayuda
(U Zara-goza)
Hugo Ferre
(U Politecnica de Cataluña)
Causes of world trade growth in wine, 1850-1938AbstractPDF
Amy Azzarito
(UC Davis)
From historic ephemera to economic data-Mapping historic wine pricingAbstractPPT
Graham Harding
(U Oxford)
Advertisements of every kind to bring their brand into notoriety-Brand innovation and brandolatry in the nineteenth-century champagne tradeAbstractPPT
J. François Outreville
(Burgundy School of Business)
Eric Le Fur
(INSEEC Bordeaux)
Macroeconomic issues on vintages in France since 1930Abstract
Richard White
(U Alabama Huntsville)
Who needs enemies when you have elected officials? The history & legal barriers of wine manufacturing in AlabamaAbstract
Carol B Stevens (Colgate U)Viticulture and migrant identity in the Russian Empire (19th-early 20th centuries)Abstract
Session #3B: Wine Business II
Chair: Angelo Zago (U Verona)
Angelo Zago
(U Verona)
Philippe Bontems
(Toulouse School of Economics)
Promoting EU wine trade in a world of heterogeneous firms. Incentives for quality and collective reputationAbstractPDF
Pierre Li
(U Puget Sound)
Cynthia Howson
(U Washington Tacoma)
Firm innovation in the absence of effective regulation. Overcoming barriers to credibility in Chinese wineAbstractPDF
Louis Antoine Saisset (Supagro Montpellier)
From Val d’Orbieu to InVivo wine: the emergence of a new way of strategic partnership and governance in the French wine industryPPT
Matteo Migheli
Valentina La Porta
(U Torino)
Growth strategies of wineries evidence from a sample of Italian firmsAbstract
Paola Corsinovi
(U Geisenheim)
Davide Gaeta
(U Verona)
Emanuele Fontana
(Agricultural Credit Expert)
Are business networks a new opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the wine sector?Abstract
Bonnie Canziani
Erick T. Byrd
(U North Carolina Greensboro)
Exploring the influence of regional brand equity in an emerging wine sectorAbstractPPT
Session #3C: Sustainability & Consumers II
Chair: Daniel Moscovici (Stockton U)
Stefania Troiano
Francesco Marangon
Federico Nassivera
(U Udine)
Gianluigi Gallenti
Marta Cosmina
Paolo Bogoni
Barbara Campisi
(U Trieste)
The importance of domestic origin and sustainable values in millennials’ preferences and willingness to pay for wineAbstractPDF
Morten Scholer
(MS-Coffee, Switzerland)
Sustainability standards in coffee and wine. What are the differences?AbstractPPT
Daniel Moscovici
(Stockton U)
Lionel Valenzuela
(U Técnica Federico Santa María)
Sustainability. Best management practices - Wineries in Santiago Chile and New Jersey USAAbstract
Isabel Schäufele
Ulrich Hamm (U Kassel)
Wine consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability cues and their real purchase behaviour – Data from a household panelAbstract
Rebekka Schütte
Holger Bergmann
(U Göttingen)
Attitude of winegrowers towards cover crops in vineyardsAbstract
Wallace Huffman
(Iowa State U)
Jonathan McFadden
Consumer demand for low-acrylamide-forming potato products evidence from lab auctionsAbstract
10:30 – 11:00Coffee Break
11.00 – 12:30AUDITORIUM
Session #4A: Determinants of Wine Prices
Chair: Günter Schamel (Free U Bozen-Bolzano)
Günter Schamel
(Free U Bozen-Bolzano)
Supply chain organization, wine quality and prices in South TyrolAbstract
Alexandre Mondoux
(ETH Zurich)
Philippe Masset
Jean-Philippe Weisskopf
(Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne)
The pricing of a highly differentiated products in a very competitive and opaque market – the complex case of Swiss winesAbstractPDF
Emmanuel Paroissien
(U Bordeaux)
Multivariate forecasting of wine pricesAbstractPDF
Robin Goldstein (UC Davis)Do premium and generic prices diverge over time?Abstract
Günter Schamel
(Free U Bozen-Bolzano)
Anna Ros
(Univ Innsbruck)
Hedonic pricing models for wines from Friuli Venezia GiuliaAbstractPDF
Fernandez-Perez Adrian
Bart Frijns
Alireza Tourani-Rad
(Auckland U of Technology)
Jean-Philippe Weisskop
(Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne)
Are there bubbles in wine?AbstractPDF
Session #4B: Wine Tourism
Chair: Robin Back (U Central Florida)
Robin Back
(U Central Florida)
Linda Shea
Linda Lowry
(U Massachusetts, Amherst)
The effects of a winery visit on brand loyalty. A quasi-longitudinal studyAbstract
Nuray Turker
(Karabuk U)
Faruk Alaeddinoglu
(Yuzuncu Yil U)
Winemaking - a tradition in the Assyrian community in Mardin, TurkeyAbstract
Radu Mihailescu
(Stenden U of Applied Sciences)
Development of organic wine production. A wine tourist perspective in South AfricaAbstractPPT
Kyuho Lee
(Sonoma State U)
Melih Madanoglu
(Florida Atlantic U)
Inhyuck "Steve" Ha
(Western Carolina U)
Anisya Fritz
(Lynmar Estate, CA)
Exploring the key factors affecting winery visitors’ spending? A case study of a winery in Sonoma County, CaliforniaAbstract
Nuray Turker (Karabuk U)
Faruk Alaeddinoglu
(Yuzuncu Yil U)
Identifying critical success factors in Turkish wine tourism from the perspectives of travel agenciesAbstract
L. Martin Cloutier
Laurent Renard
(U Quebec Montreal)
Sébastien Arcand
(HEC Montreal)
E. Michael Laviolette
(Toulouse Business School)
Strategic representations and perceptions of the wine route and cider route in Quebec. A tale of two contrasts?Abstract
Session #4C: Growing Grapes
Chair: Alejandro Gennari (U Nacional Cuyo)
Aurélie Ringeval-Deluze
(U Reims)
Characteristics and specificities of grape-growers in ChampagneAbstract
Sarah Quintanar
(U Arkansas at Little Rock)
Eric Sims
(Sonoma State U)
Analyzing barrel purchasing decisions on winery costsAbstract
Andrea Menini
(U Padua)
Experience management practices and wineries’ economic performance the Italian caseAbstract
Gaëlle Le Guirriec-Milner
(Neoma Business School, Reims)
Are women wine-growers/wine-makers like others?Abstract
Anna Smaga-Trzaskalska
(Kozminski U)
Women in the Polish wine industry – business, lifestyle or bothAbstractPPT
Felix Sebastian Riera
Bernhard Brümmer
(U Göttingen)
Alejandro J Gennari
(U Nacional de Cuyo)
Political economy of energy subsidies for grapevine irrigation in Mendoza, ArgentinaAbstract
Session #4D: Tasting, Quality & Experiments II
Chair: Jeff Bodington (Bodington & Co)
Philippe Masset
Jean-Philippe Weisskopf
(Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne)
The origins and the price of status: Evidence from the fine wines of Pauillac and PomerolAbstract
Alfonso Piscitelli
(U Naples Federico II),
Luigi Fabbris
(U Padua)
Wine’s preferences based on intrinsic attributes: A sensorial wine tasting experimentAbstract
Florine Livat
Olivier Gergaud
(KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux)
Bradley Rickard (Cornell U)
Eat, drink and vote!AbstractPDF
Augustin V Ruiz Vega
Consuelo Riaño Gil
(U La Rioja)
Cristina Calvo Porral
(U La Coruña)
Positive and negative emotions to wine PDO Rioja effects on consumer behaviorAbstract
Alessandra Castellini
Antonella Samoggia (U Bologna)
Millennial consumers’ attitude towards innovative wine productsAbstractPDF
Jeff Bodington
(Bodington & Co)
Consider rank preference models when evaluating wine tasting resultsAbstract
12:30 – 14:00FOYER AND TERRACE
1st floor, Botanical Garden
Lunch Break
14.00 – 15:30AUDITORIUM
Session #5A: Wine Experts & Wine Tasting
Chair: Don Cyr (Brock U)
Florine Livat
Hervé Remaud
(KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux)
Wine experts and novelty effectAbstract
Don Cyr
Lester Kwong
Ling Sun (Brock U)
An exploration of the relationship between Robert Parker and Neal Martin en primeur wine ratingsAbstractPPT
Ömer Gokcekus
(Seton Hall U)
Samin Gokcekus
(U Durham)
“Lumping and splitting” in expert ratings’ effect on wine pricesAbstract
Jing Cao
Lynne Stokes
(Southern Methodist U)
Comparison of different ranking methods in wine tastingAbstract
Dom Cicchetti
(Yale University)
The interplay of the reliability and accuracy of wine tasters' binary judgmentsAbstract
Robert Hodgson
(Humboldt State U)
 2008 revisitedAbstractPPT
Session #5B: Wine Regions
Chair: Sonya Huffman (Iowa State U)
Juan Jose Juste Carrion
(U Valladolid)
Wine industry and territory in Spain: The performance of geographical indications in Castile and Leon.Abstract
Sonya Huffman
(Iowa State U)
Overview and developments in the Bulgarian wine Sector-1996-2015AbstractPPT
Richard Yntema
(Otterbein U)
Pioneering Holland's jenever industry producing and consuming Dutch distilled liquors in the early 17th centuryAbstract
João Rebelo
Sofia Gouveia
Patrícia António
(U Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro)
Export intensity and economic performance of wineries evidence from the Douro regionAbstract
Luigino Barisan
Cristian Bolzonella
Gianni Teo
Vasco Boatto
(Cirve, U Padova)
Development of a system dynamics simulation model for governing wine consortia. The prosecco wine system’s case studyAbstract
Tânia Gonçalves
João Rebelo
(U Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro)
Econometric modelling of climate change on wine production: A time series approach to Douro regionAbstract
Session #5C: Quality, Value, Regulation
Chair: K. Christopher Branch (Loyola Law School)
Burak Kazaz
(Syracuse U)
Tim Noparumpa
(Chulalongkorn U)
Scott Webster
(Arizona State U)
Wine futures. Pricing and allocation as levers against quality uncertaintyAbstract
Richard Belzer
(Good Intentions Paving Company)
Top 10 impacts of wine listicles on market pricesAbstract
Germán Puga
Alejandro Gennari
Jimena Estrella Orrego
(National U Cuyo, Mendoza)
The future of wine regulation in Argentina Mendoza -San Juan agreement in the wine industry?Abstract
Luca Buccoliero,
Elena Bellio
Elisa Solinas
(Bocconi U)
How to build a compelling wine tasting experience to create territorial valueAbstractPDF
Thomas McCluskey
(Dublin City U)
Antonio Spiga
(KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux)
The impact of sustainability drivers in the European SME wine sector - An explorative comparative studyAbstract
K Christopher Branch
(Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)
Economic impact of the United States Food Safety Modernization Act on small and medium wineriesAbstract
15:30 – 16:00Coffee Break
16.00 – 17:45AUDITORIUM
Session #6A: Production, Sustainability, Global Warming
Chair: Julian Alston (UC Davis)
Julian Alston
Jim Lapsley
(UC Davis)
Torey Arvik
(Sonomaceuticals LLC)
The economics of precision winemaking: General concepts and application to testing for Brettanomyces in CaliforniaAbstract
Bernd Frick
Patrizia Fanasch
(U Paderborn
The returns to eco-wine production. A quantile regression approachAbstract
Patrizia Fanasch
(U Paderborn)
Survival of the fittest. The impact of eco-certification on the performance of German wineriesAbstractPDF
Stefano Solari
(U Padova)
Valentina Zufferli
(U Udine)
Traceability as an innovation in the wine industry. A step towards transparency and territorial embeddedness of production in ItalyAbstract
Magali Delmas
(UC Los Angeles)
Olivier Gergaud
(KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux)
Sustainable practices and wine quality: Is there value in certification?Abstract
Rossella Sorio
(ICN Business School, Nancy)
Béatrice Siadou-Martin
(Cerefige-U Lorraine)
Impact of global warming on the alcohol content of wine - Consumer perceptions, a prospect theory approachAbstract
Britta Niklas
(U Bochum)
Wolfram Rinke
(U Burgenland)
Annual weather changes and wine prices of German wines - a hedonic pricing modelAbstractPPT
Session #6B: Trade II
Chair: Fulvia Farinelli (UNCTAD)
Leo Dana
Calin Gurau
(Montpellier Business School)
Innovative internationalization from NZ to the US - symbiotic marketing in the wine industryAbstract
Imre Ferto
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences CERS-HAS)
Economic crisis and fragility of world wine tradeAbstract
Sofia Gouveia
João Rebel
Anthony Macedo
(U Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro)
Dynamics of wine exports empirical evidence of a Portuguese (Douro) wine regionAbstract
Fulvia Farinelli
Karina Fernandez-Stark
(Duke U)
Javier Meneses
Nanno Mulder
Soledad Meneses
Karim Reuse
(Chilean National Oeno Assoc)
The use of knowledge intensive services in the Chilean wine industryAbstract
Haiyan Song
Anyu Liu
(Hong Kong Polytechnic U)
Modeling and forecasting the demand for imported wine in ChinaAbstract
Alfredo Coelho
(Bordeaux Sciences Agro)
Federica Demaria (CREA)
Victor Manuel Castillo (U Guadalajara)
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the wine industry: an examination of its determinantsAbstract
Susana Gordillo
Esther Sánchez
Juan Pott Godoy
(U Nacional Cuyo, Mendoza)
The impact of inflation on the different links of the wine chain (Mendoza, Argentina)AbstractPPT
Session #6C: Signaling Wine Quality
Chair: Luca Rossetto (U Padova)
Jaqueline Dutton
(U Melbourne)
Nadine Normand-Marconnet
Jason Jones
(Monash U)
Comics, cues and cultural credibility. French wine labels for targeted cross-cultural marketingAbstract
Luca Rossetto
Luigi Galletto
Federica Bianchin
(U Padova)
The communication of Italian wines in United StatesAbstract
Pawel Oleksy
Marcin Czupryn
(Cracow U of Economics)
Information matters. How does digital communication and social media affect liquidity and price behaviour in the wine marketAbstractPPT
Bettina König
Christian Pfeiffer
Marcus Wieschhoff
(U of Applied Sciences Burgenland)
The importance of origin as quality indicator for sparkling wine consumersAbstractPPT
Neal Hulkower
(McMinnville, OR)
S. Lynne Stokes
(Southern Methodist U)
Toward valuing Willamette valley Pinot Noir as a cultural goodAbstract
Lee Cartier
(Okanagan College)
Extending your brand as an industry growth strategy. Identifying growth opportunities for small wineriesAbstract
Byron Marlowe
(Washington State U)
Axel Dreyer
Juliane Ratz
(U of Applied Science Harz)
Wine tastings in the context of cellar door sales - Characteristic tasting offers and price policy as compared to international standardAbstract
During all Coffee BreaksFOYER AUDITORIUM
Poster Sessions
Carlos Bopp
Alejandra Engler
Roberto Jara-Rojas
(U Talca)
Economic performance of Chilean wine-growers: the impact of production appro-aches and the adoption of technologiesAbstract
Yann Durrmann
(U Strasbourg)
Which theoretical approach for the coordination between firms in the organizations “wine AOC”? The importance of the informal coordination modeAbstract
Eleonora Carini
Giovanni Sogari
Mattia Gandini
(U Parma)
Sustainability and its influence on sensory perception. A case study in the wine industryAbstract
Giovanni Sogari
Chiara Corbo
Eleonora Carini
Caterina Limido
(U Parma)
Drivers and barriers behind sustainability programmes in the Italian wine sectorAbstract
Juha Karvonen
(U Helsinki)
The current and future viticulture climate classification of Southern Finland, and the effect of the climate change on itAbstract
Gala Dinner at Restaurant Pedrocchi
Via VIII Febbraio 15, Padova (downtown)