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Don-CyrDon Cyr (Goodman School of Business, Brock University)
An Examination of Tail Dependence in Bordeaux Futures Prices and Parker Ratings: 2004 - 2010
Walter-DirksmeyerWalter Dirksmeyer (Thünen-Institute of Farm Economics)
Extreme weather events in wine grape production: an economic assessment of mitigation measures at farm level
Susan-CholetteSusan Cholette (San Francisco State University)
Tracing the Carbon Footprint of Ravenswood Wine’s Supply Chain to Germany
Pilar-JanoPilar Janor (Adolfo Ibañez University)
Collective Action in Agriculture: The Case of Wine-grape Farmer Cooperatives in Chile
Michael-VisserMichael Visser (ENSAE-CREST)
Medals and Wine Prices
Justine-ValetteJustine Valette (University of Montpellier - Montpellier Research in Management)
Survival in the French Wine Industry: Can Cooperatives resist better?
Cynthia-HowsonCynthia Howson (University of Washington Tacoma)
“Proper Divorce Saves Both Sides”: Foreign Partnerships, Coopetition and Industrial Upgrading in Chinese Wine
Britta-NiklasBritta Niklas (Ruhr-University Bochum, Institute of Development Research and Development Policy)
Impact of annual weather changes on yields and the distribution of grape varieties in different wine regions of South Africa.
Alessandro-CorsiAlessandro Corsi (University of Torino, Italy)
To make wine, to sell the grapes or to deliver them to the cooperative: determinants of the allocation of the grapes
Magali-DelmasMagali Delmas (UCLA)
Does Organic Wine Taste Better? An Analysis of Experts Ratings
Angelo-ZagoAngelo Zago (University of Verona – Verona (Italy))
What’s in a Name? Information, Heterogeneity, and Quality in a Theory of Nested Names
Alex-AlbrightAlex Albright (Stanford University)
The Role of Social Media and Expert Reviews in the Market for High-End Goods: An Example From The Market for High-End Wines
Philippe-MassetPhilippe Masset (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland & Bordeaux Wine Economics)
The influence of expert opinions in a status-oriented market
Nick-VinkNick Vink (Stellenbosch University)
Marketing wines to South African Millennials: the effect of expert opinions on the perceived quality of Pinotage wines

Paul-MertonPaul Merton (Ethos Wines Group Inc.)
Fine Wine: A Fine Goal-Based Investment?
Joao-RebeloJoão Rebelo (Department of Economics, Sociology and Management (DESG))
Alexandre-MondouxAlexandre Mondoux (ETH Zurich)
Estimating the Determinants of the Demand of Wine in Switzerland
Wallace-HuffmanWallace Huffman (Iowa State Univesity)
Willingness-to-Pay for Natural, Organic, and Conventional Foods: The Effects of Information and Meaningful Labels
Richard-SagalaRichard Sagala (BEM Kedge, Bordeaux business School, In Vino Veritas Wine School, Canada)
Importance of eco-logo and closure type on consumer expectations, price perception and willingness to purchase wines in Canada
Joseph-BreedenJoseph Breeden (Prescient Models LLC)
Auction Price Dynamics for Fine Wines from Age-Period-Cohort Models
Pierre-FleckingerPierre Fleckinger (Mines ParisTech - Parsi)
On the incentive effects of Collective Reputation Structures
Eric-BeauEric Beau (International Network of Researchers and Teaching Associates of the UNESCO Chair on ‘Wine Culture and Traditions’)
‘Fine Arts and Wine’: Painters show us the world of wine, its history, role and uses
Carlos-Raul-SanchezCarlos Raul Sanchez (Montpellier Business School)
A typology of the Chinese wine consumers
Francois-OutrevilleFrancois Outreville (Burgundy School of Business)
Consumer Behavior: an experimental investigation of risk taking when buying wine
Ross-LymanRoss Lyman (Treasury Wine Estates)
Competing in 'no man's land' ... can marketing turn a sow's ear into a silk purse? An experimental study
Kathy-KelleyKathy Kelley (The Pennsylvania State University)
Characteristics of wine consumers in the Mid-Atlantic United States: An econometric analysis
Delphine-VeissiereDelphine Veissiere (MIB Trieste)
Customer experience: a new challenge for the wine industry
Jon-HanfJon Hanf (Geisenheim University)
Exporting Chilean wine to China from small and medium-sized enterprises: Strategies, challenges and prospection
Denton-MarksDenton Marks (Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Are We Tasting the Same Thing? - Wine Ratings as Hedonic Scaling, Individual Differences, and “Magnitude Matching” as Framing
Adeline-Alonso-UgagliaAdeline Alonso Ugaglia (Bordeaux Sciences Agro, ISVV)
Adaptation Strategies of Bordeaux's wine producers to face climate change
Georgi GabrielyanGeorgi T. Gabrielyan (University of California Davis, USA)
Wine Trade and the Economics of Import Duty and Excise Tax Drawbacks