AAWE, Economics Dept, New York University, 19 W 4th St, 6Fl., New York NY 10012aawe@wine-economics.org
Britta-Niklas-Video-TNBritta Niklas (University of Bochum, Germany)
Impact of annual weather changes on output, quality and profits of wine producers in Germany.
Lynne-Stokes-Video-TNLynne Stokes (Southern Methodist University, USA)
Investigation of the Association between Judge Agreement and Factors in a Major Wine Competition.
Carlos-Abihaggle-Video-TNCarlos Abihaggle (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina)
The impact of the Argentine wine industry crisis on the different links of the production chain.
Jean-Marie-Cardebat-Video-TNJean-Marie Cardebat (Université de Bordeaux, France)
Price dispersion and competition: The case of wine in restaurants.
Robin-Goldstein-Video-TNRobin Goldstein (UC Davis, USA)
Price-Quality Inversion. Unexpected effects of information signals on consumer experience in wine, beer, and other hedonic product markets.
Daniel-Moscovici-Video-TNDaniel Moscovici (Stockton University, NJ, USA)
What is Sustainability & Sustainable Wine? Local beginnings, global implications.
Olivier-Gergaud-Video-TNOlivier Gergaud (KEDGE Business School Bordeaux, France)
Andrew Plantinga (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
Aurélie Ringe-val-Deluze (Université de Reims, France)
Anchoring and Property Prices: The Influence of Echelles Des Cru Ratings on Land Sales in the Champagne Region of France.
JeanPhillipe-Weisskopf-Video-TNPhilippe Masset, Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (both Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Benoit Faye, Eric Le Fur, Stéphanie Prat (all INSEEC Bordeaux, France)
Red obsession: the ascent of fine wine in China.
William-Foster-Video-TNWilliam Foster, Gustavo Anríquez, Oscar Melo, Jorge Ortega
(all Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Is there a “wine premium” in rural land values?
Alastair-Reed-Video-TNAlastair Reed, Michael Shannon (both Melbourne Polytechnic, Australia)
Using Big Data to investigate the influence of climate and demography on wine consumer habits.
Tony-Shaw-Video-TNTony Shaw, Donald Cyr (Brock University, Canada)
Climate Change and Variability in Ontario's Wine Appellations