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Alant & Vink (PDF)
Mountains, vineyards and SME’s – marketing wine from the Floral Kingdom at the southern tip of Africa

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Evolution of the concept of “global corporate performance” in the wine industry

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Wine Stock Financing An Empirical Study of the French Wine Industry

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Modeling global wine markets to 2018: exchange rates, taste changes, and China’s import growth

Anderson (PDF)
Changing varietal distinctiveness of the world’s wine regions: Evidence from a new global database, 2000 and 2010

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Between the approved dose and the dose actually applied. A diagnosis of French vineyards

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A Cluster of Delights: A Case Study of the Wine Farm as Agritourism Destination

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Bordeaux wines classifications : scope and limits

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Logistics and innovation strategies of stakeholders in the Burgundy wine sector

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The Economics of Perennial Plant Diseases: A Case Study of the Costs of Grapevine Viruses and the Benefits of the National Clean Plant Network

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Free-riding on reputation for Prosecco PGI wines in Germany: Who buys in?

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Counting vines, wines, and slaves at the Cape, 1701-1793

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Chinese Wine Industry: Current and Future Market Trends

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Supply chain accountability and the mislabelling of food products in South Africa: A case study on the Karoo lamb industry

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Technical efficiency and unobserved heterogeneity using cross sectional data: An analysis of wine grape production

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The moderate effect of wine knowledge and involvement on consumer self-confidence and loyalty intentions: The case of the use of a SST in

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Agency costs, vertical integration and ownership structure: the case of wine business in France

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Evaluation of Wine Judge Performance Based on a Simple T-Test

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Do Exchange Rate Variations Matter for French Wines Exports?

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Wine experts rating: A matter of taste?

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Organic wine: an explorative survey of market orientation in Italian wineries

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Price adjustments in world wine markets: A threshold cointegration analysis

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Categorizing A Wine Rating Scale: 2, 3, 4, or More: Is Their One We Should Go For?

Cicchetti (PDF)
On the Reliability and Accuracy of Wine Tasting: Designing the Experiment; Selecting the Tasters; and Assessing and Interpreting the Resulting Data

Coco (PDF)
Volatile elements: the dynamics of wine descriptors from 2001-2011

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The technical efficiency of wine grape growers in the murray – Darling basin in Australia

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To make wine or to sell the grapes: determinants of on-farm wine-making in Piedmont

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The Economics of Planting Rights in Wine Production

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Eco-labels and Quality: The wine industry paradox

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Wine as a Long-Term Investment

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Regional innovation systems, learning and knowledge flows-evidence from the Quebec wine industry

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Strategic groups in the German wine industry – an empirical study

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How bottle closures affect sensory discriminations of wine?

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Innovation and Learning Dynamics in the Chilean and Argentine Wine Industries

Ferreira (PDF)
The Evaluation of Mid-Atlantic Wineries Websites: A Comparative Analysis

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Value chain analysis: A case study of the grape grower participation in the bottled Chilean red wine

Finlay (PDF)
Why (Some) Good Wines Don’t Sell: A Network Failures Explanation of South African Wines in the U.S. Market

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Applying a ‘Chain Goods Solution’ to Decisions to Fund R&D in the Australian Wine Value Chain

Binzen Fuller & Golino (PDF)
The Economics of Perennial Plant Diseases: A Case study of the Costs of Grapevine Viruses and the Benefits of the National Clean Plant Network

Galbreath (PDF)
Learning about clinate change: an exploratory study of cluster and extra-cluster effects

Gatti (PDF)
Changes in the designation of origin territory: A comparison of the municipal data of the general censuses of Italian agriculture

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Wine regulations in Argentina: how they have influenced the industry’s performance and insights for the future

Gergaud (PDF)
The Demand for Expert Opinions: The Case of Wine

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Ethics Training and Education for Workers in the Wine Industry

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Classification and re-classification: Oregon’s Willamette Valley AVA and its new sub-AVAs

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Do negative ratings mean more than positive ratings?

Gonzales (PDF)
Impact of Trade Agreements with the European Union on Wine Exports from the New-New World

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A pan-European analysis of drinking motives

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Success of Co-operatives: Thoughts on German Wine Co-operatives

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An investigation into the relevance and acceptance of green wines in South Africa: a marketing perspective

Higgins & Canty (PDF)
Wine Brand Personality Transmission: Is the Label Enough?

Hira (PDF)
Cluster Sources of wine Competitiveness: Understanding the Potential Role of Tacit Knowledge in the Case of California

Hodgson (PDF)
Beer Parlor Games: Testing the Expert Powers of Beer Gurus

Hodgson (PDF)
Criteria for Accrediting Expert Wine Judges

Hulkover (PDF)
Three Vignettes about Wine Tastings and Competitions

Ingrim (PDF)
The Viability of an International Wine Futures Exchange

Kenny & Cassidy (PDF)
An Impossible Dream in a Global Financial Crisis: A Case Study of Australia’s Proposed New Wine Tax

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Who is buying sustainable wines and why? A lifestyle segmentation of German wine consumers

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What do we know about wine as an alternative financial asset? A Return comparison of several portfolios

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A Strategic Approach to Understanding the Australian Wine Industry Crisis

Lick, Stöckl & Wambacher (PDF)
Applying Wine Clubs as a Customer Relationship Management Tool: Emotional versus Rational Incentives Offered in Wine Retailing

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Price or Quality Competition? Old World, New World and Rising Stars in Wine Export

Marks (PDF)
A Reconsideration of Wine as an “Experience Good”

Martin, Gennari & Orrego (PDF)
And what about Malbec in Argentina? Consumers’ willingness to pay for Malbec wines in Mendoza, Argentina

Masset & Weisskopf (PDF)
Predictability of Robert Parker’s ratings

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Investor sentiments and uncertainty on the market for fine wine

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Economic Impacts of Viticulture and winemaking on Employment and Income in the Central Ranges Zone of New South Wales, Australia

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Developing a sparkling wine route in South Africa: benefits to the wine and tourism industry

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The Impact of the Legal System and Incomplete Contracts on Grape Sourcing Strategies: A Comparative Analysis of the South African and New Zealand Wine Industries

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The Lenox Wine Club: Report on New Blind Tastings

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Finding a State of Sustainable Wine: Implications for Sustainable Viticulture and Oenology in New Jersey, USA

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Isolating the non-price and income effects in the demand for red wine in the US

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Analysis of Fairtrade Wine Prices

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Measuring wine consumer preferences using hybrid discrete choice models

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In search of the determinants of wine aromatic typicality: the role of wine’s labels typicality

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Communication costs and wine trade in the European Union

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The Development of Wine Tourism in South Moravia

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Direct to Consumer Ecommerce in the Global Wine Industry: Why do some countries lag in adoption?

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Influence of the Characteristics of Weather of Douro Region on Port Wine Vintages Quality

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Wine Purchase Intentions: A Push-Pull Study of External Drivers, Internal Drivers, and Personal Involvement

Lee-Rosen & Bradley (PDF)
Vinsseaux Traditionnel: The Globalization of Canadian Sparkling Wine

Sagala (PDF)
The Impact of General Public Wine Education Courses on Consumer Perception

Sandrey & Gill (PDF)
An assessment of the Trade and Development Cooperation Agreement: Implications for South African agricultural trade, with special emphasis on the wine trade

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Sustainable wine market and WTP: an insight of consumers attitudes

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Drivers of Eco-Innovation in Italian Wine Industry

Stein (PDF)
New Markets and New Concepts of Marketing in Argentina’s Wine revolution

Steiner (PDF)
Contract adoption among Canadian grape growers and wine producers

Strickland (PDF)
The important of social media technology of Yarra Valley wineries in Australia

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Wine supply chain survey 2012 – Findings and Challenges

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Climate change: economic and social futures for South Africa’s wine industry

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Globalisation and International Exapnsion Strategies of the wine sector companies in Portugal

Watanabe, Musha, Iida & Kato (PDF)
The Sustainable Promotion Policy of the Wine Industry in Hokkaido Japan

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Generation Y = Generation Wine? – German Millennials and their liaison with wine

Wilen (PDF)
Optimal Consumption of Cellared Wine

McGarry Wolf, Dasovich, Wolf & Higgins (PDF)
When Choosing a Wine Label, Women are from Hollywood and Men are from Boston