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June 18
Reception and Registration
City Hall – Reims
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 5100 Reims
June 19Reims Management School
59, rue Pierre Taittinger – 51100 Reims, France
8.00-9.00Coffee and Registration
9.00-10.00Karl Storchmann
(Whitman College, AAWE)
François Bonvalet
(Dean, Reims Management School RMS)
Richard Vistelle
(President, University of Reims)
Welcome to the 3rd Annual AAWE Conference
Daniel Lorson (CIVC)Champagne: an introduction
10.30-12.15Session #1A: Gastronomy I
Chair: Pierre Combris, INRA Ivry-sur-Seine
Gregory Colson (Iowa State U),
Wallace Huffman (Iowa State U)
Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for New Genetically Modified Food Products: Evidence from Experimental Auctions of Intragenic and Transgenic FoodsAbstract
Sonya K. Huffman (Iowa State U), Helen H. Jensen (Iowa State U), Abebayehu Tegene (USDA)Consumer Demand for Lowering Cholesterol through Enhanced Margarine ProductsAbstract
Thomas Herzfeld (Wageningen U), Sonya K. Huffman (Iowas State U), Arie Oskam (Wageningen U), Marian Rizov (Middlesex U)Changes in Food, Alcohol and Cigarettes Consumption During Transition: Evidence from RussiaAbstract
Geir W. Gustavsen (Norwegian AgEcon Research Institute), Kyrre Rickertsen (Norwegian U of Life Sciences)The Effects of Taxes and Subsidies on Purchases of Healthy and Less Healthy Foods: A Quantile Regression ApproachAbstract
Linda Schollenberg (Göteborg U)Estimating the hedonic price for FairTrade coffee in Sweden – revealed preference evidence on ethical consumptionAbstract
10.30-12.15Session #1B: Marketing and Distribution 1
Chair: Nick Vink, University of Stellenbosch
Margarita Brugarolas, África Martínez, Francisco José Del Campo (all Universidad Miguel Hernández), Laura Martínez-Carrasco, Rodolfo Bernabeu, Miguel Olmeda, M. Diaz, R. Olivas (all University of Castilla-La Mancha)Determination of the Acceptance of Local Wine using Contingent ValuationAbstract
Isabelle Lesschaeve (Vineland Research and Innovation Center), Nicolas Mathieu (GRAPPE Angers)Branding an emerging wine region: Do appellation or sub-appellation matter?Abstract
Abdoul G. Sam (Ohio State University), Stanley R. Thompson (Ohio State University)Impact of Country of Origin Advertising on U.S. Import Wine Demand: A Panel Data AnalysisAbstract
J. François Outreville (Université de Montréal)Does Size Matter? A Note on Bottle SizeAbstract
Antonella Vastola (U of Basilicata),
Aysen Tanyeri-Abur (Northeastern U)
Non-conventional viticulture as a viable system: A case study in ItalyAbstract
10.30-12.15Session #1C: Production: Terroir and Climate
Chair: Martin Kusy, Brock University
Robin Cross (Oregon State U), Andrew Plantinga (Oregon State U), Robert Stavins (Harvard U)The Value of Terroir: Hedonic Estimation with Data on Vineyard Sale PricesAbstract
Jan Bentzen (Aarhus School of Business), Valdemar Smith (Aarhus School of Business)Wine production in Denmark. Do the characteristics of the vineyards affect the chances for awards?Abstract
Don Cyr (Brock U), Lester Kwong (Brock U), Ian Malone (Pacific Premier Vyds), Andrea Wendel (Pacific Premier Vyds)Economic Hysteresis in the Californian Vineyard Industry: A Real Options Analysis of Entry and ExitAbstract
Don Cyr, Martin Kusy, Anthony Shaw
(all Brock U)
Hedging the Risks of Vineyard Winter Injury with an OTC Collar Contract
JUNE 19Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, UFR de Sciences Economiques et Gestion
57 bis, rue Pierre Taittinger– 51100 Reims, France
14.00–15.45Session #2A: Gastronomy 2
Chair: Sonya Huffman, Iowa State University
Robin Goldstein (Fearless Critic Media), John Bohannon (Harvard U, Science Magazine), Alexis Herschkowitsch (Fearless Critic Media)Can people distinguish dog food from pâté?Abstract
Olivier Gergaud (U Reims), Karl Storchmann (Whitman College), Vincenzo Verardi (U Brussels)Food Tournaments: NYC 2006-2008Abstract
Madeleine Pullman, Robin Fenske, Wayne Wakeland (all Portland State U), Kumar Venkat (Clean Metrics)Institutional Food Footprint: The Impact of Food Packaging, Waste, and TransportationAbstract
Denis Fougère, Erwan Gautier, Hervé Le Bihan
(all Banque de France)
Restaurant Prices and the Minimum WageAbstract
Frederic Warzynski (U Aarhus)Off the Menu: An Analysis of Career and Industrial Dynamics on the NYC Restaurant SceneAbstract
14.00-15.45Session #2B: Taste, Tasting and Sensory Evaluation
Chair: Louisa Thomas Hargrave, WineWise LLC, Syndicated Journalist
Christian Barrère (U Reims)Does economic analysis need a theory of taste? What philosophy of taste teaches usAbstract
Sophie Meillon Centre de Recherche Pernod Ricard), Christine Urbano (INRA), Geneviève Guillot (Centre de Recherche Pernod Ricard), Nathalie Jacquet (Centre de Recherche Pernod Ricard), Pascal Schlich (INRA)A methodological approach to simultaneously measure the relative sensory and information impact of alcohol reduction on the overall liking of wines in real life settingsAbstract
Camille Saintives (U Reims)Consumers’ preferences for Champagne: determinants and typologyAbstract
Diego Begalli (U Verona),
Roberta Capitello (U Verona)
Consumer wine preferences, quality perception and sensory identity: empirical evidence from ValpolicellaAbstract
Vasco Boatto, Mattia Cai, Luca Rossetto (all U Padova)Socio-cultural and education aspects in wine tastingAbstract
14.00–15.45Session #2C: History, International Comparison
Chair: Pete Parcells, Whitman College
Stephen Chaikind (Gallaudet U)About Wine Economics: A Selected Roadmap and ReviewAbstract
M. Nisa Mencet (Akdeniz U Antalya), Cengiz Sayin (Akdeniz U Antalya)Wine consumption attributes in Turkey: means - end chain analysisAbstract
Anne Combaud (U Reims), Clothilde Trehorel (Archives Municipales de Dijon), Christophe Petit (U Bourgogne), Jean-Pierre Garcia (U Bourgogne)The Evolution of Wine Prices in the French Agricultural Statistics Since the Nineteenth Century: a Case Study for Vosne-RomanéeAbstract
James Simpson (U Carlos III de Madrid)Old World versus New World: the origins of organizational diversity in the international wine industry, 1850-1914Abstract
Alex Robinson (Whitman College)Exchange Rate Pass-Through to U.S. Import Prices. Evidence from the Wine MarketAbstract
14.00–15.45Session #2D: Organizational Analyses 1
Chair: Peter Roberts, Emory University
Peter W. Roberts (Emory University), Adina D. Sterling (Emory University)Pre-Founding Social Ties and the Success of New Entrants in Emerging RegionsAbstract
Aurelie Deluze (CIVC Epernay)The inter-professional coordination system: its application to the wine sectorAbstract
Jon H. Hanf (IAMO Halle), Vera Belaya (IAMO Halle), Erik Schweickert (U GeisenheimPower distribution in the wine chain – how does it affect wine supply chain management?Abstract
Jon H. Hanf (IAMO Halle), Taras Gagalyuk (IAMO Halle), Erik Schweickert (U Geisenheim)Wine Co-operatives: The difficult job of measuring successAbstract
Matteo Maria Galizzi (University of Brescia), Raffaele Miniaci (University of Brescia)Cin Cin! Competing for the Leadership in the Italian Sparkling Wine Market: Franciacorta versus Trento
15.45–16.00Coffee Break
16.00–17.30Session #3A: Alcohol and Society
Chair: Antoni Bosch-Domènech, U Pompeu Fabra
Antoni Bosch-Domènech (U Pompeu Fabra)The effects of alcohol on trust, trustworthiness and riskAbstract
Luca Corazzini (U Padua), Antonio Filippin (U Milan), Paolo Vanin (U Bologna)The effects of alcohol on economic behaviourAbstract
Matteo Galizzi (U Brescia; Queen Mary U London)Are you what you drink? Experimental Evidence on Alcohol Consumption and Preferences for Time and RiskAbstract
Paolo Buonanno (U Bergamo),
Paolo Vanin (U Bologna)
Happy and Drunk? Happiness and alcohol consumptionAbstract
Paolo Buonanno (U Bergamo)People's opium? Religion and alcohol consumptionAbstract
16.00–17.30Session #3B: Marketing and Distribution 2
Chair: Isabelle Lesschaeve, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Canada
Karl Brandmeir, Willy Legrand, Lena Marie Espenschied (all Int. U of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn)The application of market segmentation for the wine tourism industry: an empirical contributionAbstract
Thomas Brunner (ETH Zurich),
Michael Siegrist (ETH Zurich)
A Segmentation Study of Swiss Wine ConsumersAbstract
Leonardo Casini (U Florence),
Armando Corsi (U Florence)
The Application of the Best:Worst Method and the Latent Class Analysis for a Segmentation of the Italian Wine MarketAbstract
Yorgos Kotseridis (Agricultural U Athens), Polymeros Chrysochou (U Aarhus), Athanasios Krystallis (U Aarhus)What drives customer loyalty towards Greek wine varieties? Using polarization to model consumer loyaltyAbstract
Matthieu Crozet (U Reims), Keith Head (U British Columbia), Thierry Mayer (Paris School of Economics)Quality sorting and trade: Firm-level evidence for French wineAbstract
16.00–17.30Session #3C: Price Determination, Counterfeits
Chair: J. François Outreville, Université de Montréal
Erik Åsberg, Tobias Dahlstrom (both Jönköping International Business School)Consumer Preferences for Quality in Wine; price sensitivity and perceived quality in the Swedish monopoly settingAbstract
Robert D. Weaver (Pennsylvania State U)Pricing Perishables with Close Substitutes: Getting Wine Right-PricedAbstract
Mara Thiene (U Padova), Luigi Galletto (U Padova), Riccardo Scarpa (U Waikato), Vasco Boatto (U Padova)Improving latent class analysis using attitudinal responses: An application to WTP for Prosecco wineAbstract
Günter Schamel (Free U Bozen-Bolzano)Forensic Economics: Some Evidence for New Wine to be sold in Old BottlesAbstract
Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton U),
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College)
How can we identify counterfeit wines in auctions?Abstract
19.00–open endDinnerCercle Colbert - 4 rue Noël - 51100 Reimswww.cercle-colbert.com
June 20Reims Management School, 59, rue Pierre Taittinger – 51100 Reims, France
8.00-9.00Coffee and Registration
9.00–10.45Session #4A: Organic Wine and the Environment
Chair: Olivier Gergaud, University of Reims
George Papadavid (Ag Research Institute Cyprus), George KountiosTechno-economic analysis of organic vines productions and perspectives; the case of CyprusAbstract
Philip Sloan, Willy Legrand, Karina Krauss (all Int U of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn)The future of organic wine making and disease tolerant grape varieties: an overview of the German production and marketabilityAbstract
Magali Delmas, Antonio Menchaca, John Hogan, Roxana Ramirez, Sachin Goel, Shilpa Hareesh, Yousef Anvery (all UC Los Angeles)Motivations for Sustainable Certifications in the Wine Industry: A California SurveyAbstract
Michael Ahlheim (U Hohenheim),
Oliver Frör (U Hohenheim)
Future without cork?
– Saving the cork oak for our children
Véronique Saint Ges (U Bordeaux 4),
Marie-Claude Bélis-Bergouignan (U Bordeaux 4)
Issues and forms of environmental involvement of wine cooperativesAbstract
9.00–10.45Session #4B: Signaling Quality with Names and Words
Chair: Andrew Plantinga, Oregon State University
Luiz de Mello (OECD Paris), Ricardo de Borobia Pires (U Autònoma de Barcelona)Message on a Bottle: Colours and Shapes of Wine LabelsAbstract
René C.G. Arnold (U Edinburgh), Sophie Ghvanidze (Heilbronn U), Ruth Fleuchaus (Heilbronn U)The wine bottle back label: The backbone of wine packaging?Abstract
Edi DeFrancesco (U Padova),
Samuele Trestini (U Padova)
The Price Premium for Vine Variety Name in the Italian Retail Market: Learning from the Tocai DisputeAbstract
Coco Krumme (MIT)A Nose by any other Name: Descriptions as Signals for Wine PriceAbstract
Carlos Ramirez (George Mason U)Do Words Add Value? The Effects of Wine Descriptions on Wine Prices: Evidence from NapaAbstract
9.00-10.45Session #4C: Regulation and the Non-Market Environment
Chair: Stephen Charters, Reims Management School
Betsy Carter (UC Berkeley)Regulatory Evolution or Revolution? France in a changing wine worldAbstract
Nikolai Wenzel (Hillsdale College), Colleen Haight (San Jose State U)Domaine Pas de Choix: Government Intervention in the Champagne MarketAbstract
Jim Lapsley (UC Davis)“I Get No Kick From Champagne”: How Label Law and Technology Devalued Champagne in the United StatesAbstract
Michelle Mullins (Sam Houston State U), Michael Sykuta (U of Missouri), Michael Lau (Sam Houston State U)Impact of Granholm vs. Heald on Small Winery Distribution AgreementsAbstract
Roger D. Hanagriff (Texas A&M),
Conrad P. Lyford (Texas Tech U)
A Review of Literature for Quality Assurance Programs in the Food Sector and Potential Impacts in Developing Wine Brands from TexasAbstract
10.45–11.00Coffee Break
11.00–12.30Session #5A: Regional Analyses 2
Chair: David Menival, Reims Management School
Biancamaria Torquati (U of Perugia)The map of wine-producing landscapes, the new CMO for the wine sector and the economical development of territory in UmbriaAbstract
Christian Barrère (U Reims), Quentin Bonnard (U Reims), Véronique Chossat (U Reims)Gastronomy as an Attractive Issue for Luxury TourismAbstract
Francisco J. Del Campo, Margarita Brugarolas, Fermín Camacho de los Ríos, David López Lluch, África Martínez, Antonio Miguel Nogués Pedregal, José Miguel Sales, Asunción Mª Agulló (all U Miguel Hernández)Wine tourism product clubs as a way to increase wine added value: the case of SpainAbstract
Vincenzo Asero (U of Catania),
Sebastiano Patti (U of Catania)
From Wine Production to Wine Tourism Experience: the Case of ItalyAbstract
Eugenio Brentari (U of Brescia),
Rosella Levaggi (U of Brescia)
Hedonic prices for Italian red wine: a panel analysisAbstract
Theodore Georgopoulos (Univ Reims)Taxation of alcohol and consumer attitude. Is the ECJ sober?Abstract
11.00–12.30Session #5B: Prices and Regional Reputation 1
Chair: Günter Schamel, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Pascale Bazoche, Pierre Combris,
Eric Giraud-Heraud (all INRA Ivry-sur-Seine)
Willingness to Pay for Appellation of Origin: Results of an Experiment with Pinot Noir Wines in France and GermanyAbstract
Heiner Schumacher (U Frankfurt)Reputation and competition in a market for differentiated productsAbstract
Peter Griffin (Whitman College)Assessing the Value of Geographic Reputation for Sparkling WinesAbstract
Hyunok Lee (UC Davis),
Daniel Sumner (UC Davis)
The Economic Value of Place Names in the U.S. Wine MarketAbstract
11.00–12.30Session #5C: Wine Tasting and Wine Competition 1
Chair: Domenic Cicchetti, Yale University
Matteo Galizzi (U of Brescia),
David Reiley (U of Arizona)
An Identification Problem: Economists at a Wine-Tasting ExperimentAbstract
Domenic Cicchetti (Yale University)A Proposed System for Awarding Medals at a California Wine CompetitionAbstract
Denton Marks (U Wisconsin-Whitewater)Prices and Scores: Multiple Wine Ratings and Prices for Red BordeauxAbstract
Robert Hodgson (Humboldt State U)How expert are “expert” wine judges?Abstract
June 20
Session #6A: Investment Analysis
Chair: Don Cyr, Brock University
Lee Sanning, Sherrill Shaffer, Jo Marie Sharratt
(all U of Wyoming)
Bordeaux wine as investment hedgeAbstract
James Fogarty (U of Western Australia)The Diversification Benefit of Wine InvestmentAbstract
Paolo Buonanno (U of Bergamo), Mauro Sylos Labini (IMT Lucca Inst. for Advanced Studies)Bubbles at the time of financial turmoilAbstract
Maggie Rosen (London),
Lee Sanning (U of Wyoming)
Financial Analysis of Wine Mutual Funds
Paul Merton (Bordeaux Management School)Champagne as a Viable Alternative-Investment.
A Rosé Picture?
14.00–15.45Session #6B: Wine Tasting and Wine Competition 2
Chair: Julian Alston, UC Davis
Robert Hodgson (Humboldt State U)An analysis of the concordance among 13 US wine competitionsAbstract
Joelle Brouard (Inst. for Wine Mgmt Dijon), Angela Sutan (Burgundy School of Business)An Arbitrary Coherence Problem: Novices and Experts at a Wine-Tasting ExperimentAbstract
Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton U), Robin Goldstein (Fearless Critic Media), Craig Riddell (U British Columbia)Do Expert Ratings Measure Quality?: The Case of Restaurant Wine ListsAbstract
Giovanni Caggiano (U of Padua), Matteo Galizzi (U of Brescia), Leone Leonida (Queen Mary U London)For a Few Glasses More: an Inquiry into the Determinants Of Quality Awards to Italian WinesAbstract
David E. Hojman (U of Liverpool)On being forced to be born global: Determinants of Chilean wine performance in international competitionsAbstract
14.00–15.45Session #6C: Organizational Analyses 2
Chair: Michael Visser, Paris School of Economics
M'hand Fares (U Paris 1, U Toulouse)Playing with Nested Dolls: Formal coordination and complementarity between contracting forms in the Wine grape supply IndustryAbstract
Sofya Brand (U Bordeaux 4), Marie-Claude
Bélis-Bergouignan (U Bordeaux 4),
Nathalie Corade (ENITA Bordeaux)
Do wine merchants drive the industry: a mesoeconomic approachAbstract
David Menival (Reims Management School), Steve Charters (Reims Management School)The impact of négociants on the value created by small producers in ChampagneAbstract
Rolf A.E. Mueller (U Kiel), Calanit Bar-Am (UC Davis), Daniel A. Sumner (UC Davis)Grapevines of innovationAbstract
Elizabeth Pasteris de Solavallone, Pablo Garriga Suárez (both U Nacional de Cuyo)Multiproduct Retailers and the Exercise of Market PowerAbstract
14.00–15.45Session #6D: Prices and Regional Reputation 2
Chair: Jim Lapsley, UC Davis
Stefano Castriota (U Trento), Marco Delmastro (Autorità Garanzie Comunicazioni)Individual and Collective Reputation: Lessons from the Wine MarkeAbstract
Silvia Gatti (U Bologna)The Value of Origin Designations in Emilia-RomagnaAbstract (PDF)
Abstract (DOC)
Sophie Ghvanidze (Heilbronn U)The Effect of Country-of-Origin of Georgian Wine on German Wine ConsumersAbstract
Benjamin Campi, Todd Griffin, Christopher Messick, Jennifer S. James (all California Polytech San Louis Obispo)The Effects of Origin and Closure on California Red Wine Prices: Results from a Hedonic Price AnalysisAbstract
Omer Gokcekus (Seton Hall U)Role of current quality and regional reputation in wine pricingAbstract
15.45–16.00Coffee Break
16.00-17.45Session #7A: Quality Signals and Prices
Chair: Magali Delmas, UC Los Angeles
Marianne McGarry Wolf , Andrea Michele Roselli (both California Polytech San Louis Obispo)Wine Label Attractiveness Perceptions by US and Australian Wine Consumers in the Millennial Age Group: A Case StudyAbstract
Ilias P. Vlachos (Ag U Athens), Vasilis Skipitaris (Ag U Athens)Pre-purchase characteristics of bottled wine affecting the consumer willingness to buy and the expected fair price.Abstract
Peter W. Roberts (Emory U), Tal Simons (Tilburg U), Anand Swaminathan (Emory U)Crossing Categorical Boundaries: The Implications of Switching from Non-Kosher Wine Production in the Israeli Wine MarketAbstract
Lester Kwong (Brock U),
Carman W. Cullen (Brock U)
On the Adoption of Green Technology as a Signal of QualityAbstract
Aaron Lee, Alex Mitterling, Karl Storchmann (all Whitman College)Signalling Wine Quality with Price. An Analysis of Wine Regions in the U.S.Abstract
16.00-17.45Session #7B: Marketing and Distribution 3
Chair: Christian Barrère, University of Reims
Michael J Flynn (U of Wales Inst.), Gary Elliott (U Ulster), Caroline Ritchie (U of Wales Inst.)Can UK Wine-Buying Consumers be Persuaded to Trade up in Supermarkets?Abstract
Brad Rickard (Cornell University)Introducing wine into grocery stores: Understanding the economic effects in the presence of a burgeoning local clusterAbstract
Susan Cholette (San Francisco State U), Christine Mauracher (U Ca' Foscari Venezia), Maurizio Canavari (U Bologna)Postponement Practices in the Wine Industry: A Cross-Country Comparison of Adaptation and AttitudesAbstract
Zein Kallas (CREDA Barcelona),
José Maria Gil (CREDA Barcelona)
Assessing the impact of advertising on wine preference using Choice ExperimentsAbstract
Georges Giraud, Annick Lebeque, Corinne Amblard, Cécile Bord (all ENITA Clermont), Claire Sulmont-Rosse, Yves Lefur (both UMR FLAVIC INRA-ENESAD Dijon)Does knowledge-based economy speaks to wine consumers? A French case study with respect to ChardonnayAbstract
16.00-17.45Session #7C: Regional Analyses 2
Chair: Carlos Ramirez, George Mason University
Francesco Marangon (U Udine),
Stefania Troiano (U Udine)
Competitiveness of Italian high quality wines. A case study on the Collio area in ItalyAbstract
Steve Stein (University of Miami)Achieving Quality: The Reconversión/Restructuring of the Argentine Wine Industry, 1990-2008Abstract
Jean-François Outreville (U Montréal)An Economic Analysis of Wine Production in QuébecAbstract
Changbai Xiu, Junying Li, Qiujuan Chu (all Inner Mongolia Ag U), Kurt Klein (U of Lethbridge)The Expanding Wine Industry in China: A New Competitive Threat?
18.00–19.30Guided tour: Cathedral, Reims, France
20.00 – open endGALA DINNER

Reims, France
18, Rue du Tambour, 51100 Reims
June 21
Winery Tour: Reims – Epernay – Hautvillers – Verzy with Picnic.
Departure/arrival point: Hôtel de Ville, Reims