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Date & TimeNameAgenda HighlightsAbstract & Full Text
August 14
17.30-20.30Reception and Registration
Roof Garden of Ecotrust Building, Downtown Portland
721 NW Ninth Avenue, Portland,
OR 97209
August 15Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202
8.00 - 9.00Coffee and Registration
9.00 - 10.00Welcome
Orley Ashenfelter
(Princeton University, President AAWE)
Welcome to the 2nd Annual AAWE Conference
Bill Hatcher
(CEO & Managing Partner
A to Z Wineworks )
/strong>Guns, Butter or Wine:
The Economic Outlier of the Wine Industry
Ted Farthing
(Executive Director, Oregon Wine Board)
The Oregon Wine IndustryPower Point
10.00 - 10.30Coffee
10.30 - 12.15Session #1: Production Issues and Climate Change
Chair: James Dietz (California State U, Fullerton)
Ian Malone (Pacific Premier Vineyards)Supply and Demand Dynamics of High-End Vineyards in California: Emerging ShortagesAbstract
Ricky Volpe (UC Davis)Estimating the Supply of California's WinegrapesAbstract
Gregory Jones (South Oregon U)
Gregory Goodrich (Western Kentucky U)
Influence of climate variability on wine regions in the western USA and on wine quality in the Napa ValleyAbstract
Calanit Bar-Am (UC Davis)
Daniel Sumner (UC Davis)
Hyunok Lee (UC Davis)
The Economic Effects of Climate on Characteristics and Price of GrapesAbstract
Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton U)
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College)
The Economic Effect of Climate Change: The Case of Mosel Valley VineyardsAbstract
Full Text
10.30 - 12.15Session #2: Wine Evaluation and Price Determination 1
Chair: Peter Roberts (Emory University)
Domenic Cicchetti (Yale University)From Bayes Through von Wieser’s Marginal Utility to Jacob Cohen’s Effect SizesAbstract
Jill McCluskey (Washington State U)
Nan Yang (Washington State U)
Consumer Response and Willingness to Pay for Sensory Properties in Washington State Red WinesAbstract
Simone Mueller (U South Australia)
Leigh Francis (U South Australia)
Larry Lockshin (U South Australia)
Modeling consumer sensory preference heterogeneityAbstract
Denton Marks (U Wisconsin)Do Hammer Prices for “Mixed Lots” Reflect a Discount or a Premium?Abstract
Gary Thompson (Cornell U)
Stephen Mutkoski (Cornell U)
An Analysis of Bordeaux Wine Ratings, 1970-2005Abstract
12.15 - 14.00Lunch
Featuring the Wines from British Columbia, Canada
14.00 - 15.45Session #3: Environmental Issues
Chair: John W. Haeger (Stanford University)
Magali Delmas (UCLA)
Laura Grant (UC Santa Barbara)
Eco labeling strategies: the eco-premium puzzle in the wine industryAbstract
Mellie Pullman (Portland State U)
Mike Maloni (Kennesaw State U)
Craig Carter (U Nevada)
Jesse Dillard (Portland State U)
Drivers of Sustainability Practices and Performance Outcomes in the Wine IndustryAbstract
Terry Anthony (Portland State U)
Chris Serra (Live Inc.)
Characteristics of Sustainable Viticulture in OregonAbstract
Magali Delmas (UCLA)Consumers’ perceptions of Biodynamic WinesAbstract
Kynda Curtis (U Nevada)
Thomas Harris (U Nevada)
Economic Feasibility of Wine Grape Production in Semi-Arid RegionsAbstract
14.00 – 15.45Session #4: Organizational Analyses
Chair: Raechelle Mascarenhas (Whitman College)
Tony Lima (California State U, East Bay)
Norma Schroder (Blue Weasels Productions)
What is a “Winery?” A Global PerspectiveAbstract
Giacomo Negro (Emory U)
Michael T. Hannan (Stanford U)
Hayagreeva Rao (Stanford U)
Categorical Contrast and Audience Appeal: Niche width and critical success in winemakingAbstract
Grégoire Croidieu (EM Lyon)
Phillippe Monin (EM Lyon)
Iconization, sacralization and the institutionalization of competing logicsAbstract
Heather A. Haveman (UC Berkeley)
Anand Swaminathan (Emory U)
Eric B. Johnson (Columbia U)
Structure at Work: The Division of Labor in U.S. WineriesAbstract
Peter Roberts (Emory U)
Mukti Khaire (Harvard U)
Christopher Rider (UC Berkeley)
Basking in Reflected Glory: Substantive and Symbolic Implications of Winemaker MobilityAbstract
Full Text
16.00 - 17.30Session #5: Regional Analyses 1
Chair: Barbara Insel (Stonebridge Research Group)
R. Funda Barbaros (Ege U, Turkey)
İsmail Doğa Karatepe (Izmir U of Economics)
Economic Analysis of Turkish Wine Sector: Problems, Opportunities and Competitiveness in European Union MarketAbstract
Michael Lau (Sam Houston U)
Roger Hanagriff (Texas A&M U)
Impact of Industry Structure on the Texas Wine industry and Future ImplicationsAbstract
Nick Velluzzi (College of Carlton)On Becoming “World Class”: The Social Foundations of the Walla Walla Wine IndustryAbstract
Patrick Canning (USDA)
Agnes Perez (USDA)
Economic geography of the U.S. wine industry.Abstract
16.00 - 17.30Session #6: Evaluation & Price Determination 2
Chair: Michael Veseth (University of Puget Sound)
Jason H. Murray (U of South Carolina)
John Gordanier (U of South Carolina)
Orgul Ozturk (U of South Carolina)
Please, can I pay more?Abstract
Johan Almenberg (Stockholm School of Econ)
Anna Dreber (Harvard U)
Robin Goldstein (FearlessCritic.com)
Alexis Herschkowitsch (FearlessCritic.com)
Do more expensive wines taste better?Abstract
Robert Hodgson
(Humboldt State U)
An Examination of Judge Reliability at a major U.S. Wine CompetitionAbstract
Guenter Schamel
(Free University Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College)
The value of gold medals. Evidence from the German DLG producer award systemAbstract
18.30 - 22.00Dinner at Anne Amie Vineyards
August 16Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202
8.00 - 9.00Coffee and Registration
9.00 – 10.30Session #7: Investment Analysis
Chair: Lee Sanning (University of Wyoming)
Phillippe Masset (U of Fribourg, Switzerland) Caroline Henderson (U of Lausanne, Switzerland)Wine as an alternative asset classAbstract
Donald Cyr (Brock U, Canada)
Martin Kusy (Brock U, Canada)
Anthony Shaw (Brock U, Canada)
Hedging Adverse Bioclimatic Conditions Employing a Short Condor PositionAbstract
Lee Sanning (U of Wyoming)Bordeaux wine as a financial investmentAbstract
Full Text
Rajineesh Sharma
(Saint Joseph’s U, Philadelphia )
Stock Market Reactions to Court Decisions related to Differential Treatment of In-State and Out-of-State Internet Wine SalesAbstract
9.00 – 10.30Session #8: Health and Safety
Chair: Mellie Pullman (Portland State U)
Brenda Dyack (ABARE, Australia)
Ellen Goddard (U of Alberta)
Health Information: does it make a difference to wine choice?Abstract
Jan Bentzen (Aarhus School of Business)
Valdemar Smith (Aarhus School of Business)
Alcohol consumption and live cirrhosis mortality: An empirical analysis using aggregate data for 16 European countriesAbstract
Josseline Masson (Montpellier SupAgro)
Phillippe Aurier (U of Montpellier II)
François d’Hauteville (Montpellier SupAgro)
Using exposure to test new product acceptability: the case of low-alcohol wineFull Text
Yang Han
(Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Juan Qiao (China Agriculture U)
Gilles Doyon (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Traceability in food safety: bottlenecks and challengesAbstract
10.45 – 12.15Session #9: Gastronomy
Chair: Michael Gibbs (University of Chicago)
Peter Roberts (Emory U)
Giacomo Negro (Emory U)
Anand Swaminathan (Emory U
Founders’ Roles and the Aesthetics-Commerce Tradeoff: Owning and/or Cooking in Toronto RestaurantsAbstract
Full Text
Trent Preszler (Cornell U)Modeling Perceptions of New York Wine Among Restaurateurs in New York CityAbstract
Frédéric Warzynski (Aarhus School of Business)
Mikel Tapia (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Does it Pay to Serve Good Food?Abstract
Yang Han
(Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Juan Qiao (China Agriculture U)
Food Traceability: How do Consumers use it to assess Quality and Safety?Abstract
10.45 – 12.15Session #10: Regional Analyses 2
Chair: Donald Cyr (Brock University, Canada)
Darryl Mitry (Norwich U)
David Smith (National U)
Per V. Jenster
(China Europe Int. Business School)
Competition in the wine industry and the future of China: What will it mean?Abstract
Antonio Seccia (U of Bari, Italy)
F. G. Santermo (U of Naples, Italy)
D. Carlucci (U of Bari, Italy)
Economic efficiency in management strategies of wineries: An empirical investigation of Italian firmsAbstract
Johan Rooyen (U of Pretoria, South Africa)
Dirk Esterhuizen (U of Pretoria, South Africa)
Competitiveness in the South African wine industry: measurement and analysis
David Menival (Reims Management School)
Stephen Charters (Reims Management School)
Wine tourism in Champagne: a solution to increase the value of a standard quality productAbstract
Roger Hanagriff (Texas A&M U)
Sarah Rogers (Sam Houston U)
Michael Lau (Sam Houston U)
State Funded Marketing and Promotional Activities to Support a State's Winery Business; Are There Economic Returns?Abstract
12.15 - 14.00Lunch
14.00 – 15.30Session #11: Regulation and the Non-Market Environment
Chair: François d’Hauteville (Montpellier SupAgro)
Kurt L. Christensen
(U of Missouri, Kansas City )
The California Wine Cluster and the Nagging Direct Shipping Question: Given the 21st Amendment Does the Federal GovernmentAbstract
Omer Gokcekus (Seton Hall U)
Ryan Kane (Seton Hall U)
Nicolas Reinhart (Seton Hall U)
Political Economy of Direct Wine Shipping in the United StatesAbstract
Luigi Galletto (U of Padua, Italy)The Market for Vineyard Planting RightsAbstract
Nikolai Wenzel (Hillsdale College)Innovation, Tradition and Institutions: The Political Economy of French Wine ProductionAbstract
14.00 – 15.30Session #12: Evaluation & Price Discrimination 3
Chair: Pete Parcells (Whitman College)
Peter Roberts (Emory U)
Ray Reagans (Carnegie Mellon U)
Locating Critical Influence beyond the Margins of Status HierarchiesAbstract
Full Text
Guenter Schamel
(Free University Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
Icons of Wine: France vs. AustraliaAbstract
Hubert Schnabel
(Vereinigte Hospitien Trier, Germany)
Karl Storchmann (Whitman College)
Signaling quality with prices: evidence from the German wine marketAbstract
Philipe Armour (Federal Reserve San Francisco)
Mark Doms (Federal Reserve San Francisco)
American Pinot Noirs and Merlots: moving up, down, or "Sideways"?Abstract
Steven Cuellar (Sonoma State U)The Sideways effect: a test for changes in the demand for Merlot and Pinot Noir winesAbstract
Full Text
16.00 – 17.30Session #13: Implications of Reputation
Chair: David Adelsheim (Adelsheim Vineyard)
Michael Gibbs (U Chicago)
Frédéric Warzynski (U Aarhus)
Globalization, Superstars, and the Importance of Reputation: Theory and Evidence from the Wine IndustryAbstract
Marco Costanigro (Colorado State U)
Jill McCluskey (Washington State U)
Valuing collective and firm reputation in the wine market: my name or our name?Abstract
Mark Reiman (Pacific Lutheran U)Reputation interaction in the U.S. market for Italian Red Wine: Vino Nobile and Brunello vs. Montepulciano d'AbruzzoAbstract
Florine Livat (Bordeaux Management School)
Amy Mumma (Central Washington U)
A simultaneous estimation of reputations' interactions in the case of Washington State winesAbstract
16.00 – 17.30Session #14: Marketing and Distribution
Chair: Jan Bentzen (Aarhus School of Business)
Dixie Huey (Trellis Wine Consulting)
Patrick Huey (Arizona State U)
Attribution Error: Assuming a Correlation Between Wine Business Performance and the Mainstream Media’s Reporting on the Macroeconomic EnvironmentAbstract
Full Text
Chong-Uk Kim (Sonoma State U)The Impact of Korus on U.S. Wine ExportsAbstract
Luigi Galletto (U of Padua, Italy )
Mattia Cai (U of Padua, Italy)
Marketing Wine in Local HoReCa Channel: the Case of the CDO Conegliano-Valdobbiadene ProseccoAbstract
Antonio Stasi (University of Arizona)
Gary Thompson (University of Arizona)
Do Italian Wine Consumers Exhibit “Home Bias”?Abstract
René Arnold (U of Edinburgh)How to make sense of wine labels? Exploring quantitative and qualitative conceptualizations and operationalizationsAbstract
17.30 – 18.00General Assembly
18.00 – open endDinner at Armory Portland
128 NW Eleventh Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
August 17Willamette Valley Winery Tour
9.15 – 18.30Bus Tour to Willamette Valley
Winery Visits and Picnic
- Rex Hill Vineyards -
- Elk Cove Vineyards -
- Archery Summit -
(departure/arrival point: Mark Spencer Hotel)
August 18Walla Walla, Washington
We do not provide transportation to Walla Walla; however, we can coordinate carpools; if you are interested send an email to Karl Storchmann (storchkh@whitman.edu)
13.00 – 15.00Reception at Center of Enology and Viticulture Walla Walla
500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla (at the corner of Tausick Way and Mill Creek Road)
15.00 – 19.00Several Winery Visits
(Walla Walla Vintners, Cayuse Vineyards, Pepper Bridge Winery)
19.00 - open endBarbecue with Walla Walla Wines