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Program – Trier 2007

No.Date & TimeAgenda HighlightsCategory
Wednesday, May 23
5.00-8.00pmWelcome Reception, Registration
Wine Tasting, Bischofliche Weinguter Aula,
Priesterseminar Trier Jesuitenstraße,
13 D-54290 Trier
Scientific Meeting
University of Trier, Campus II, Behringstraße, Building H
Thursday, May 24
Registration, Coffee
Opening Speeches
Dieter Sadowski, University Trier
Steffen Schindler, German Wine Institute
10.30am-12.00pmGlobal Warming
Chair: Orley Ashenfelter
1Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Viticulture
M. Stock, T. Kartschall and M. Wodinski (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)
2Identification of Stochastic Processes for an Estimated Icewine Temperature Hedging Variable D. Cyr and M. Kusy (Brock University)Wine
3Wine and Global Warming in Alsace: Evidence from the Little Ice Age K. Storchmann (Whitman College)Wine
4Using a Hedonic Model of Solar Radiation to Assess the Economic Effect of Climate Change O. Ashenfelter (Princeton University) and K. Storchmann (Whitman College)Wine
512.00-12.30pmWine and Rural Development: The Example Walla Walla Steve van Ausdle (President, Walla Walla Community College)General
12.30-2.00pmLunch, University
2.00-3.30pmTasting and Evaluation
Chair: Bernd Frick
6Assessing the Reliabilty of Wine Tasting: Differentiating Levels of Clinical and Statistical Meaningfulness
D. Cicchetti (Yale University)
7Standards for Quality and the Coordinating Role of Critics
G. Hsu (UC Davis), P. Roberts (Emory University) and A. Swaminathan (UC Davis)
8Identifying Different Influences of the Evaluation of Wine
G. Szolnoki (Research Institute Geisenheim)
9Tracing International Wine Marketing Research - a Three Ways Assessment
R. Arnold (University of Heilbronn)
4.00-5.30pmCritics and Reputation
Chair: TBA
10The Cost of Ignorance: Reputational Rents in the Market for Tuscan Reds
K. G. Persson (University of Copenhagen)
11Reputation and Firm Survival in a Competitive Environment: Empirical Evidence from the German Wine Industry
B. Frick (University of Witten/Herdecke)
12Critical Exposure and P-Q Relationships for New World Wines in the U.S. Market
P. Roberts (Emory University) and R. Reagans (Carnegie Mellon University)
13A Live in Wine: Ernest Gallo (1909-2007)
T. Lima (CSU East Bay) and N. Schroder (Blue Weasel Productions)
7.30pm-open end
Guided Tour Through Karl Marx House Dinner in Viehmarktthermen Ruins of Ancient Roman BathGeneral
Friday, May 25
Quantitative Gastronomy
Chair: Victor Ginsburgh
149.00-10.00amKeynote Speech: Is Breakfast Really Free? Evidence from French and Italian Hotels
G. Johnson (University of Michigan)
1510.15am-12.00pmReading the Plate
N. Dudek (Israel)
16Portuguese Menus in the 19th Century
I. Drumond Braga (University of Lisbon)
17What are bollicine good for? Experimental evidence on individual preferences on food-wine matching
M. Galizzi (University of Brescia and New York University)
18Explaining the Determinants of Price in Top European Restaurants
F. Warzynski (University Carlos III Madrid and Aarhus School of Business)
19Quality Evaluation by Experts and Consumers: Evidence from a Sample of New-York City Restaurants
O. Gergaud (University of Reims), K. Storchmann (Whitman College) and V. Verardi (Free University of Brussels and University of Namur)
12.00-2.30pmLunch, Staatsweingut Domaene AvelsbachGeneral
2.30-4.00pmMarket Structure
Chair: TBA
20Overview of the German Wine Market: Situation and Business Challenges
J. Hanf (Leibniz Institute for Agriculture Development)and and E. Schweickert (KIRBIS)
21The New Structue of the California Wine Industry
T. Lima (CSU East Bay) and N. Schroder (Blue Weasel Productions)
22Corporate Strategies under Economic Regulations
R. Kuehl (University of Giessen) and E. Schweickert (KIRBIS)
23Storage Based Financial Engineering in German Wine Business
E. Schweickert (KIRBIS) and J. Hanf (Leibniz Institute for Agriculture Development)
24An Assessment of State Sponsored Agriculture Commodity Programs: The Case of the Texas Wine Marketing Assistance Program
R. Hanagriff, M. Lau, S. Rogers (Sam Houston State University)
4.30-6.30pmSociety and Politics
Chair: Karl Storchmann
25Balancing Between Tradiation and Innovation.
French Wines from the Bordeaux and the Languedoc-Roussillon Regions
S. Castellano and O. Ivanova (EDHEC Business School)
26Bowling Alone, Drinking Together
P. Buonanno (University of Bergamo) and P. Vanin (Univ of Padua and Pompeu Fabra University)
27New Wines in Old Wineskins? Is Globalization Good for Wine Drinkers in the United States?
O. Gokcekus and A. Fargnoli (Seton Hall University)
28An Econometric Analysis of a Wine Import Function for Brazil
S. Schommer (IMPA, Brazil)
29New Wines in Old Bottles? The Case of Quality Wines and Distillation Measures in the EU
E. Salies (OFCE) and B. Steiner (University of Alberta)
6.30pm-open endReception and Dinner at Vereinigte Hospitien Trier (United Hospices) Germany's Oldest Wine Cellar (300 AD)General
Saturday, May 26
9.15am-7.30pmLeisure Program
Bus and Boat Tour
9.15amMeeting at Porta Nigra in Trier, Bus to BernkastelGeneral
11amArrival in BernkastelGeneral
2pmBoat to Traben-TrarbachGeneral
4pmPicnic and Wine Tasting in PuenderichGeneral
7.30pmBack in TrierGeneral