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Preliminary Program

Important information related to all lunches and dinners:
Please let us know whether or not you are a vegetarian or following a special diet.
According to Venetian tradition the lunch at Torcello (Venice) will be based on fish and vegetables. If you don’t like fish contact the local organizers i.e., Luca Rossetto or Mara Thiene, well ahead of June 28.

Local Organisation
Luca Rossetto: luca.rossetto@unipd.it
Mara Thiene: mara.thiene@unipd.it

JUNE 28 – 11.00 Guided Tour of the Old University Building

Meeting point: University Building, Via VII Febbraio 2, 35122 Padova
Length: About 45 Minutes

JUNE 28 – 16:30-20:00 Welcome Reception & Registration

Town Hall – Paladin Room
Across from the main building of the University
Via Municipio 1, 35122 Padova

JUNE 29 & 30 – 11th Annual Conference

Orto Botanico di Padova/Botanical Garden (Weblink)

Via Orto Botanico 15, 35123 Padova
We will post the final program about two weeks before the conference.

JUNE 29 – 18:30-22:00 Dinner at Praglia Abbey

Via Abbazia di Praglia 16, Teolo

18.30 Tour by bus (20 minutes trip)
Bus Tour Starting Point: Prato della Valle,
Via Prato della Valle 71
Guided tour (20 minutes) of the monastery of cathedral, vineyards, and winery.

20.00 Dinner in the cloister

22.00 Back to Padua

JUNE 30 – 20:00 Gala Dinner at Pedrocchi Restaurant

The italian blogger Laura Teso from Padua about the Pedrocchi

JULY 1 – 9:00-20:00 Conegliano & Valdobbiadene – Prosecco Area

09.00 Tour by bus  (1 hour and 20 minutes trip)
Bus Tour Starting Point: Prato della Valle,
Via Prato della Valle 71
We will visit the Enological School, the labs and the winery.

12.00 Lunch at the Enological School

14.00 Winery Tours


Carpenè Malvolti Winery
Via Antonio Carpenè, Conegliano
Tel.: +39 0438 364611/+39 0438 364690
E-Mail: info@carpene-malvolti.com
Web: www.carpene-malvolti.com

Le Colture Winery
Via Follo, 5, Santo Stefano
Tel.: +390423900192
E-Mail: info@lecolture.it
Web: www.lecolture.it



Bellenda Winery
Via Gaetano Giardino, 90, Carpesica
Tel.: +390438920025/+390438920015
E-Mail: info@bellenda.it
Web: www.bellenda.it

Villa Sandi Winery
Via Erizzo, 112, Crocetta-Nogaré, Crocetta del Montello
Tel: +390423665033/+390423665009
E-Mail: info@villasandi.it
Web: www.villasandi.it



Astoria Wines
Via Crevada 12, Refrontolo
Tel.: +39 04236699
E-Mail: info@astoria.it
Web: www.astoria.it

Bortolomiol Winery
Via Garibaldi Giuseppe, 142, Valdobbiadene
Tel.: +3904239749/+390423975066
E-Mail: info@bortolomiol.com
Web: www.bortolomiol.com

20.00 Back to Padua

JULY 2 – 8:30- 21:00 Tour to Venice

08.30 Tour by bus to Venice/Tronchetto terminal (1 hour)
Bus Tour Starting Point: Prato della Valle,
Via Prato della Valle 71

10.00 Tour by boat to Torcello (1 hour). Torcello is a small island in the northern area of the Venice lagoon; beautiful view of San Marco in Venice.

11.15 Visit the vineyards in Torcello

13.00 Lunch

14:30 Boat trip to Sant’Erasmo (15 min.)

15.00 Visit of the gardens and vineyards of
Michel Thoulouze

17.30 Leaving Sant’Erasmo

18.00 Piazza San Marco*

19.00 Departure from San Marco

20.00 Back to Padua by bus (1 hour)

21.00 Back in Padua

* The stop at Piazza San Marco is dependent on the time available. When participants want to stay in Venice for a longer time, they can go back to Padua by train from Venice railway station. Trains leave every 15 minutes, the ride is no more than 15 min.